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The Levitation Project: Mt Hood 2008 Part 2

The Levitation Project is doing things. Check out, also be sure to check out their magazine Artboard

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Comments (4)

  1. Finally something different!!!! No 80’s MGMT TECHNO RAP. Nice work dudes!
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  2. Berry nice. Austen and Bode are a good team.
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  3. I have been folloing these guys for the last year or so, I love it.
    The only thing I can say is where do we get some shit? Do they sell shampoo? What do they do?????

    Bode is underrated. (saw that in a mag this moring on the shitter)

    I want some gear already

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  4. I have been wondering the same thing for over a year. I guess they will have products for sale in their site in a few weeks. I contacted them at the info email. They have a catalog on their site. Damn I would probably buy shampoo. So stoked when the little dudes do it right. This segment of hood is the best summer shredding I have seen.
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