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Firing Squad: Miller vs Kirby

Last week the treacherous glacial traverse took out a worthy competitor in Brian Hockenstein’s photo. So this week we felt it would take another high risk photo to compete. So the battle between Paul Miller and Jonathan Kirby begins.

Photo 1


Photo 2


Which red rail usage do you like better?

  • Photo 2 by Johnny Huege (69%, 119 Votes)
  • Photo 1 by Chair Chiang (31%, 53 Votes)

Total Voters: 172

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To beat the winner of this battle, snowboarding of epic scale is required. Have a big mountain shot you think makes the grade? Send it to

The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. The winner of this battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.



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Comments (6)

  1. Almost voted for #2, I then pretended I had never seen the first.

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  2. #1 – such a powerful photo!

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  3. i would have voted number 2 but the rider is cool guying so hard. ruined it.

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  4. took me a while to figure out this one.. after debating and coming back to it I am going with 2. tons of action and I like the where the subject is placed. Nice photo

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  5. i was going to vote number for number two but upon further examination his pants aren’t even that tight

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  6. number 2 is epic but the color and composition of number 1 wins my vote

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