Cale Zima, Camel Lights, and Hump Day

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Cale refuses to shave his mustache.                                                                                            photo: Bob Plum

Cale Zima’s great attitude, loose style, and strong knees have gotten him far in the snowboard world. Surrounded by the Bozwreck crew and influenced by the likes of Mikey LeBlanc, Cale has the potential to become a very unique and exciting snowboarder. Those who have been watching him grow into a man agree. New Hampshire’s favorite son Matty Ryan said, “Cale is the shit cause’ he is the nicest kid I know. Not a bad bone in this kids body. Straight homies for life. Mad love, mad passion.” and Mr. Mikey LeBlanc added, “ Humble, hard working, down for his friends, style, tough, and most importantly a player to be…”

Yobeat: Do you have a most embarrassing moment?

Cale: I had this crazy eye infection when I was a Junior in High School that lasted for two months, and it made my eye swell shut and leak yellow puss all day. When ever people would talk to me they would just stare at it and I felt like a character outta’ that movie “The Hills Have Eyes.”

Yobeat: The mutant freak that helps the girls, or the one that rapes them?

Cale: For sure the one that helps them escape! I am not a rapist!

Yobeat: How did you link up with Bozwreck?

Cale: Through LJ, who is one of the Bozwreck filmers, I worked with him and he ask if I wanted to film with them, I said, “Fuck yeah!” Plus Matty (Ryan) and (Nate) Bozung have been my favorite riders since I was 15, so I was so hyped.

Yobeat: They’re a very unique group, are you into it?

Cale: Fuck yeah, I think it is sick because Matty and Nuts don’t try to pretty up their snowboarding. They show snowboarding in the most raw form and I think that’s dope!

Yobeat: How did you jump from BozWreck to the Absinthe crew?

Cale: Well on one of the trips I went on last year was to Toronto. We went with Mikey LeBlanc, who was with Shane, one of the Absinthe filmers, and he filmed me out there. Next thing I know Matty told me that Shane wanted to put me in the Absinthe vid, and thats kinda how it went. Shane is the shit!


Bozwreck’s rookies are throwing hammers.                                                                        photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: Do you have any friends your own age?

Cale: Yeah I have a couple good homies that are my age, but most of my homies are either older or younger.

Yobeat: You are very much on your own program, how are you feeling about that?

Cale: Um, I feel good about it I guess. I Just like to do stuff that looks like skateboarding, like big ollies and shit!

Yobeat: Mikey LeBlanc said Matty Ryan represents a dying breed of snowboarder. Do you want to keep that tradition of passion filled dirty snowboarding alive?

Cale: Fuck yeah, like I said Matty has been my favorite rider for ever, along with Mikey, so their style of riding has always appealed to me. If I could keep that kind of riding alive I would be stoked.

Yobeat: Do you have a goal in snowboarding?

Cale: Have fun!


That landing doesn’t look too forgiving.                                                                           photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: Is your mustache just for fun?

Cale: Good question. When I was a Senior I started growing facial hair and I was all hyped because I was hitting puberty and shit. Then I just never shaved, and it kinda grew into what I have now. I have just never really wanted to shave it.

Yobeat: Do the ladies like it?

Cale: My lady does I think.

Yobeat: You have a lady? Are you Mormon?

Cale: Well we are not married or anything, but she is my girlfriend. And fuck no I’m not a Mormon!

Yobeat: So you aren’t about to tie the knot and knock her up?

Cale: Hell no!

Yobeat: The season is slowing down, what are your summer plans?

Cale: Im going to Mt. Hood for the summer to be a digger at HCSC!

Yobeat: Will you walk around topless, with a shirt wrapped around your head, and a rake on your shoulder?

Cale: Well I don’t wanna take my shirt of because I look like a third world starving kid, so I guess the answer is no.

Yobeat: Are you going to buy a fixed gear bike and fall victim to Portland’s hipster scene?

Cale: No way, riding a bike takes too much effort. I would rather skate or walk.

Yobeat: Are you excited to skate Oregon’s famous parks this summer?

Cale: So hyped, there are the best skate parks there!


Who built that thing? And why?                                                                                       photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: What will your lady be doing while you’re digging?

Cale: I think she is going to school, and then New York for a month or so.

Yobeat: So she isn’t just arm candy, she’s actually cool and interesting?

Cale: Fuck yeah she is the shit!

Yobeat: Does she look like anyone famous?

Cale: I don’t know, I guess she kinda looks like the chick from “Transformers.”

Yobeat: Meagan Fox? Is it alright if I have a crush on your girlfriend?

Cale: I would be hyped if you had a crush on her!

Yobeat: If your lady dumped you would you cry?

Cale: Probably, no homo.

Yobeat: Can we still be friends if I steal your girlfriend?

Cale: Yeah duh!


Remember that company “No Fear.”                                                                                         photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: If your snowboarding could take on the style of any skater who would you choose?

Cale: Damn hard question, I would have to say Lizard (King)!

Yobeat: Are you willing to become a Satanist like Lizard King?

Cale: I don’t know if I’m gnarly enough for that.

Yobeat: What is an example of a gnarly thing you’ve done?

Cale: My friend Mikey was drving us up to Park City and he hit a deer going 105 mph. It just fucked his car up but I thought I was gonna die!

Yobeat: Have you ever been in a fight?

Cale: Not really, I got punched in the face once, outside of a Shell Gas station, while sitting on a scooter!

Yobeat: Why?

Cale: Im not really sure I, think it was just some kid from High School that didn’t like me.

Yobeat: Did anyone like you in High School?

Cale: (Laughing) I hope so.

Yobeat: But you can’t be sure?

Cale: I guess I was pretty liked, but I always smelled like cigarettes so people thought I was a pile!

Yobeat: When was the last time you made out with a guy?

Cale: Never

Yobeat: Not even a kiss? Just once? Because it was funny?

Cale: No, never.

Yobeat: Condoms or pull-out?

Cale: Condoms for sure.

Yobeat: Would you rather live long and die in your sleep, or see the world end in a Heavy Metal Armageddon in 2012?

Cale: 2012 for sure, that shit would be crazy!

Yobeat: What band do you want playing if Satan tries to take over the earth?

Cale: Led Zeppelin or Fleetwood Mac.


Yobeat: What do you think of this photo

Cale: Me when I was a Junior! Just messin’, I think it looks like a meth addict that likes lil’ kids!

Yobeat: Are those little kid scratch marks on his forehead?

Cale: Yeah apparently he didn’t stop when they said, “No.”

Yobeat: Sponsors?

Cale: Capita, Union, Thirty Two, Comune, Ashbury, Holden, Celtek, and Milo.

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