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Who Wants a Job at Burton?


Apparently, this guy.

Matt Lei was looking for an innovative way to score a position at Burton Snowboards because “I’ve really identified with the Burton signature line and to me it’s the only way to be successful today.” He’s even gone so far as to send the marketing department a pizza with his custom made stickers in hopes of locking down a position. But we checked and as marketing jobs go at the big B, they are few and far between. There’s that social media manager that has turned into a “Digital Marketing Manager,” but let’s be realisitic… Here are a few open jobs we think Matt would be great for!

Full Time Seasonal Sales Associate

Of course, he’d have to find hot chicks to follow him around and tell you to buy the products.

SAP FI/CO Analyst II

Is he qualified for this? Not a chance in hell, but nerds don’t usually have to know how to snowboard.

Assistant Manager

This is a coveted position at the Wrentham, MA outlet store. Matt, we think you’d do great there!

Good luck buddy. At least you made it in the blogs.

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  2. Dude’s resume doesn’t include “goofy or regular.” I would not hire.
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  3. give him a hump day
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  4. My lack of effort and knowhow are showing. He’s regular.

    We can all learn from Matt, who put in hundreds of hours on his site…where I only needed four seconds to decide he’s a cornball. A quick click on “Matt Unplugged,” where the reader can take a break from the Electrifying Matt to just chill out, has him list his riding stance. …he also references the site’s “next levelness” and brings it all back together with the punchline that–guess what: you just paid attention to me so boom you gotta hiremattatburton comeon!!!

    You win this round, MATT.

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  5. well from watching the first 30 seconds of his video, he already has the support of his softball team and fred durst. plus, he’s clearly got some skill onhill.
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  6. he also calls it “boarding,” which is always a plus…
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  7. This is hilarious. I actually worked with Matt about 6 months ago and thought he was a total tool. I somehow stumbled upon Hire Matt @ Burton and could not stop laughing. Decided to do another search and found this blog – priceless, you made my day.
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  8. The wrentham outlet store used to be chill with tons of cool dudes (and chicks) that actually were into snowboarding. Now its full of jocks with mohawks.
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  10. definitely gunna fuck brooke from :59
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