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Wille Yli Luoma’s New Heart


Just when I was starting to get tired of the other 519 coffee shops in Portland, Wille Yli Luoma decided to open Heart Roasters on East Burnside. Wille is out to prove, probably inadvertently, that just because you spend years as an influential pro snowboarder, you are not destined to a future of team management, announcing, or photography. Either that or he just really likes coffee. We’ll probably do a deeper expose into the inner workings of Heart in the future, but for now, this is a story about the kick ass opening party on Saturday, October 17.

The classy, open space was filled with a DJ and hipsters from all walks of Portland life. Snowboarders, BMXers, Vegans and many more were brought together with the universal tool of free beer. There were also free packs of house-roasted coffee to take home, and espresso shots for all. It was sort of like an art opening, except there was no forced talk about “the art.” Good times all around.

Since drinking coffee at night is a recipe for no sleep, I stuck to double fisting Jamieson and Olympia and can’t speak for the quality of the coffee.  But if the fancy looking roasting machine is any indication, Heart might just give Stumptown a run for its money. Wille’s roast will be available at other coffee shops, as well as Heart, in the future. The shop officially opens Tuesday, October 20, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Heart Roasters
2211 E Burnside st.

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Comments (6)

  1. Since you’re a journalist, you should do some research and spell the name of your subjects correctly. What do I know, I’m just a washed up pro turned to other side of the lens.

    (heavy sarcasm)

    p.s. It’s Wittlake, but I really doubt he even would care you misspelled his name.

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  2. Last time I saw Wille, he jumped off my roof (at the Pine Street Loft) to collect a gram of coke. What a nut. We did have fun after he climbed back up.
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  3. i fucking hate the urban mountain hipster. if you snowboard live in the mountains not in the city. screw capitalism, consumerism and the spelling of peoples names. we should all just have symbols instead of names anyways.
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  4. Beneath the calm exterior of this coffee connoisseur is a ruthless dodgeball executioner. Just remember that folks.
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  5. Nice work Wille. Stoked to see your ideas up and running.
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  6. Nice post you got here. It would be great to read a bit more concerning this matter.
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