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30’s Thursday: The Official Snow Basin (Bathroom) Review


Last week, the downstairs bathroom in the base lodge at Snow Basin, UT became second nicest place I’ve ever taken a crap.  It’s typically never fun to stop and have the runs when your out taking them – but I’d argue that the gold-plated toilet bowl plumbing, solid floor-to-ceiling-cherry-wood bathroom stall doors and the decorative wall sconces made the experience a pleasure.

The marble acoustics of the stall made me feel like I was farting in my own little Carnegie Hall, and the impeccably clean seats made me feel guilty for even considering building a toilet paper sitting nest.  After I’d done my deed, I half expected to look down and find that I had laid a Cadbury egg (I hadn’t.)  All in all, it was just about the best shitty experience I’ve ever had.

Had I not water-pooped while snorkeling in Hawaii this fall, the Snow Basin bathroom would have been top of my list.

FYI, the mountain is pretty awesome as well.


I would have licked this sink.


My momentary throne.


Golden tickets.


It’s a good sign when the fountain on the way in is made of Gold


Yup. That’s a bathroom stall door.


Nothing says eleagnt like “Elegante”.

over the hill. In a good way.
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Comments (8)

  1. It’s beautiful.

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  2. Love the flare on the water fountain, totally sets the picture. And how about the lodge there?!? Made me feel like I was one of those McMillionaires or at least a McThousandaire.

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  3. Wow, read my mind, the most incredible, Mountain bathroom ever.

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  4. i must have been in the shitter right beside you yesterday-the bathrooms made up for their (surprisingly) lack of snow. canyons got another foot this morning…

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  5. There is a better bathroom at beaver creek, I consider it the holy grail of shitters. I would tell you where it is but then you’d go and clog it up or splatter piss everywhere. I will do this I will give you 1 clue, you can see the building its in from the center of the ice skating rink. If you find it and take a picture of it and send it to me I’ll send you a cool prize! happy hunting and if you find it don’t tell any of yer bros cause they’ll probably leave shit in the bowl or tag the stalls…

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  6. This is where I like to sleep. Sorry you found it.

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  7. i laughed so hard when i saw this. The only good thing about basin is their bathroom. Their park is shit and its always windy and the snow always sucks.

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  8. [...] is keeping the dream alive. Go there on July 3rd and you’ll not only get to experience the nicest ski area bathrooms anywhere, but also a rail jam. Here’s all the info, but if you wanna stay up to date on any exciting [...]

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