Under Review: The Forum Contract

By • Jul 29th, 2010 • Category: Features, Latest, Reviews

Donny and friends check out Forum’s street-specific board, the Contract.

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Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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16 thoughts on “Under Review: The Forum Contract

  1. Jon K

    This review may be amusing, but it bullsh*t.

    “it just won’t press” – Pardon my French but metal the f*ck up!
    Just because it’s not a wet noodle doesn’t mean it won’t press.
    It means your riders there should make something about their scrawny chicken legs.

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  2. dats dat new

    i wanna demo this board purely to see if i could press on it, forum litterly makes the worst boards ive ever tried

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  3. Peter Troy

    pretty weak. Sorry Nick but I’m backing Jon K on this one. It’s like no one knows how to ride camber anymore.

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  4. Scott

    Im sorry to beak on fellow riders but…you people need to learn how to ride. the way you were trying to press was pathetic. I used to ride a 160 burton and it was twice as stiff as this one and i could press better then my older bro who rides a 150. You guys should actually ride this board before you just go along with that retard in the video. anyone who wants this board go out and get it and dont listen to those wanna bes. They probably never rode a forum board and never have rode this board. I weigh 130 pounds and I can press it better then anyone else on the mountain now. Its great on jumps to. So go out and ride the contract, if you wanna see how good it presses watch the trailer for F It by forum snowboards on youtube and youll see.

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  5. double u

    So yea, I ride the 150 contract and I have no problem pressing it. Maybe, just maybe you guys should try riding something a little bigger than a 146, or go do some running or something. If you can’t press that board you are pretty pathetic, that thing locks in like crazy and, if you know how to press a cambered board, it has a crazy amount of flex. Jon K has it right, METAL THE FUCK UP.

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  6. liptons amark

    HAHAHAHAH yeah you guys are faggots for giving me this board right after you beat the shit out of it, but it actually does suck. i started doing the exact same thing to it… you guys had fucked it up beyond riding.

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