Hobo Snowboarding

By • Sep 7th, 2010 • Category: Features, Videos

Man, I wish we had a video of actual hobos snowboarding. In fact, making that happen may be a new season goal. But in the meantime, this is actually a season recap from Hobo Shredwear. They’ve been hooking us up with skate edits all summer, but damn it, it’s time to start thinking about the snow!

Tricks and stuff by Billy Mackey, Colin Walters, Justin Fronius, Josh Bishop, Zach Rawles, Dylan Alito, Chris Sypert, Eric Enquist, Kyle Hay, Dom Delfino, Jared Jordan, Thomas Minor, Blake Rhodes Reid, Hoagie, Austin Julik-Heine, R P, Brendan Gerard, Jacob&Carter, Justin Keniston, and Tucker Andrews.

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