VOTE FOR THE WINNER: Union Custom House x CAPiTA Ultrafear Bindings

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CAPiTA teamed up with Union on these super limited Ultrafear bindings that you know you want. To help make you want them more, they sent us a pair to give away. As usual, we’re not just going to hand them over, we want to make you put in a little effort and maybe entertain us in the process. So here’s what you’re gonna do: Everyone has a binding horror story, that missing strap you don’t notice ’til the top of the lift, or pigeon toed stance you accidentally set up while drunk. Maybe worse. We wanna hear them, and the person with the in the best one (as chosen by YoBeat, or maybe a vote, we’ll see how good they are) will be the proud owner of this pair of Union Custom House x CAPiTA Ultrafear Bindings. To enter, write your story in the comments below before Friday, Nov, 19. Be sure to use your real email address so we can contact you if you win. And make em good, we’re tough critics.

It was officially making our brains hurt to pick a winner from all of these entries. You guys really out did yourselves. So to make this fun (and easier on us), we’re putting it to a vote. We picked 5 of our favorite comments with just the right mix of pain, suffering, heartache and shit talking, and put them in this poll. You can read the comment below, then vote for who you think is the most deserving. There is also a write in option, where if you are a jerk, you will vote for yourself. So don’t be a jerk. But if you think we blew it, you can vote for any comment you want (please write in the number only.)

Voting will end first thing Monday morning. Whoever has the most votes, gets the prize. the end.

This giveaway brought to you by CAPiTA Snowboards. For more info, check out

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137 thoughts on “VOTE FOR THE WINNER: Union Custom House x CAPiTA Ultrafear Bindings

  1. Devan Bean

    After 4 years of riding and getting hand me downs from my rich friends I was finally ready to buy my first brand new snowboard and bindings. A whole summer of mowing lawns to have the flow, it was pretty much a really big deal.

    Went down to Milo’s picked up a Ride snowboard and some Burton clip ion bindings(Super sweet technology for 1998). I set up my new ride and headed up to Brighton.

    I must have done something wrong, because on the way up the first chair lift right at a cliff drop on the far end of the resort my boot detaches from my board. Looking down on the board from the chair lift, I see it disappear into a white pillow at the bottom of the 30 foot cliff.

    Clip-in technology was not my friend after a 3 hour ordeal to recover my board. Of course, Milo wouldn’t refund my purchase because I used the bindings, so I had to deal with those pieces of junk since. I really could use a upgrade into the 20th century. Help a brotha out!

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  2. Kev

    When I was 13, I would always look through the catalogs, wishing that I could buy the shit that was in there. These days were the ones where JP and JJ were ruling the video industry and magazines and Bozung wasnt a tatted up mcdonalds muncher (no offense to Bozung, I still like you but ive seen your facebook pictures). I watched the Nixon Jibfest videos every night before I went to bed, dreaming about riding a park like that someday. Since I live in Sweden, the prices fucking sucks, especially for a 13 year old. But one christmas, santa decided to hook a brother up. I finally bought a nice pair of bindings. Maybe they werent that nice, but they sure were expensive for a little kid like me back then.

    I had also saved money for 2 years for a Forum Bjorn Leines board which I got the same winter, words can not express how stoked I was to go riding that season with my new fresh gear. The board was the same lenght as myself, but I didnt care.

    The first day with my new setup, I was suuuuper hyped and went up the chair. I was loving life. I was snowboarding. I also sucked slightly at snowboarding. I could turn and everything but it wasnt like I was doing anything. I felt so awesome, I was just bombing hills even though I felt like I was going to die every second.

    To get to the point; the bindings weren’t that reliable. The screws that they were sold with weren’t anyway. My new forum bjorn leines board had the ilock system and 2 of the screws immediately popped out or broke while doing an ollie which caused the binding to slide away right on the takeoff.

    As I said, I sucked at snowboarding so this didnt do anything better. I freaked out mid-air, landed and ate SHIT… I scorpioned and knocked my face hard as fuck into the ground screaming, if it was filmed it would probably be a youtube fail top viewed video.

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  3. Gary Cooper

    One drunken night on the hill I decided to use my friends board who claims that the “alpine stance” is the way to go. I never knew anyone could ride a board with both feet at over 12 degrees towards the nose! It was the most awkward way to ride a snowboard for me, especially after having pounded some Pabst 16 ouncers. So as I begin down the hill, I feel alright with it and get some deep carves in until I hit a big patch of fluffy pow. BOOM! I cartwheeled through the powder and slammed my face into a random mogul. I begin to get back up and my buddy Steve tried to spray me in the face with the pow, but instead takes me out with my board strapped to his feet. Claimed he wasnt used to the duck stance and that i need to sharpen my edges. No bones were broken, but a tooth was chipped in the process :-/ We decided best way to get over that mishap was to pound a few more PBR’s and give eachother our boards back

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  4. Tom Priester

    I was just a little guy up at Big Boulder Park PA and I attempted to hit a ride on battleship box but when I hit it my board actually went under the box and snapped both the straps off my front foot! Needless to say I was done for the day.

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  5. pooneater

    the shop at the bottom of our 200ft vertical hill only carries burton binding parts…getting a lost bolt for a union takes a good hour.

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  6. Spruce Willis

    It was 1997. I was chilling with my homey, Mel Gibson. Mel was still pleased by the success of films such as Braveheart, and was pretty much an all right dude. In fact, he isn’t that bad a dude now, he just keeps messing up big time. We thought we would sit down and prank call our buddy Jean-Claude Van Damme. Now, I might not let him near my phone anymore, but back then, Mell was really good on the phone JCVD as we would refer to him was not impressed by the call, but mellowed out when he realized who it was. Needles to say, JCVD decided to tag along for some riding.

    The thing with celebrities is that they usually just go ride someplace exclusive, or shut down the hill, because they are rich as all get out. We opted to move forward with the day. We always started our days with imported cigars and caviar. It’s just how we roll. So, being 1997, we opted to try out some prototypes for Blax Bindings. To be honest, Step-In Bindings seemed like a good idea at the time.

    JCVD didn’t last very long in the new bindings. He found it really hard to snowboard, because he said, he was ‘out of shape’, which is a little hard to believe. Nonetheless, he headed home in a helicopter. He could do that. Anyway, Mel realized he could get out of the bindings real quick, and thought he could somehow kick flip the board. It didn’t work, and Mel ended up in emergency when his snowboard nearly impaled him. You probably didn’t hear about that on entertainment tonight, but it happened. Trust me.

    So, I was riding alone for the rest of the day. Somehow, the boots came loose from the bindings, and I was sent flying off a cliff. I woke up the next day in a Hollywood hospital. They brought me the board, on which the bindings were totally mangled. I was furious and contacted the Blax rep immediately. Somehow, we worked things out. We are now best friends, and I haven’t heard from JCVD or Mel in ages.

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  7. Dylan

    Great park day, riding down the mountain into the park before a contest.. and my ankle star bolt fallsout,and i did not notice for like 20 yards… i had to do a slopstyle contest with no akle starp.. needless to say, i placed horrible

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  8. Randall

    This one time was drunk getting towed behind my buddys truck der and uh, carved into on comin’ traffic der and hit the other car head on. Luckily it was snowy out so the other car was goin pretty slow but i ripped the bindins right outta that darn snowboard der. i dont care though i stole it from a black kid anyhow

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  9. Sean Conners

    Well…..I once HAD a pair of ride delta’s. I was drinking some ole english’s with the fellows when I decided it would be very wise to try a one footed nose block with the help of my friend. (tried it alone to much dismayyy) Well i got up there in the air,,,using the wall as balance…..grabbed that sucker and pulled hard. Quite the tweakage if I may say so myself……I can’t really though because the whole memory vs. 40′s dilema……. Well anyways, while basking in my accomplishment I started to tip without a CLUE. I was actually stoked enough to have put on my boots so when I came down the heel cup got stomped into TWO. My friends laughed and laughed.. and then in the morning they laughed some more. please send new bindings to go with my mid-life artist,,,,or I dont know what I’ll DO.

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  10. reggie

    a couple years ago at loon i learned the hard way that riding a halfpipe with a loose binding could go bad. my back binding came off and it was pretty hard to ride down

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  11. Billy Solomos

    Last season I was running laps with some friends at this little mountain on the East Coast. It was as cold as it gets and after beating ourselves up on that vertical hockey rink we decided to hit the lodge for some tasty treats and head on home. When we were packing up at the car I realized I had left my goggles in the lodge. So I threw my board under the car next to me and sprinted back, as I was going unbeknownst to me the people who owned the car next to us were working their way back to the vehicle.
    By the time I got back to the parking lot I could hear the scraping sound of my board and bindings crunching under the car on the frozen ground. It must have flipped a couple of times in the process of backing up and driving away? The base was as trashed as were the bindings. All of my friends were in the car staying warm and listening to music and never even noticed!
    I am not saying it is not my fault but if you guys got some great bindings to replace those I will forever be in your debt!

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  12. Lincoln Key

    Just got a new pair of bindings.. Went up on the hill for my first run with them. Popped a 3 off of the jump and the whole binding just twisted on the base plate so my whole foot got stuck completely parallell to the boards edges.. Haha. The bindings still do that to this day…. haha

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  13. Zach Janz

    one time the bottom of my bindings filled up with snow and my boot didn’t fit right. shucks.

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  14. Al

    Back in my uber noob days, I took a trip up to Whiteface for my first ‘big’ mountain experience. A few runs in, I am at the top of the lift and noticed that my ankle strap of my right binding was missing (Ride LX circa 2002). It was probably loose and fell off on the ride up the lift. I wasn’t confident in my ability to ride down with only one foot fully strapped in, so I asked the Lifty to let me download. He looked at me funny since I was wearing the legit gear but then realized I was a poser. He nodded and reached over to his radio. I was puzzled why he had to radio someone. Turns out that you can only download with ski patrol with you in the same chair. That was super embarassing and I’ve never told anyone this story until now.

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  15. Alex

    A few years ago I was riding and in the afternoon I noticed that my highback was cracked in half, but the foam kept it in tact. I continued riding and then noticed that my binding was loose and wiggling. I ignored it and kept on riding. A couple runs later my left binding comes off of the board and I eat it. It turns out that some loctite liquid screw stuff seeped onto the disk and caused it to crack into a bunch off little pieces.

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  16. Jake

    Riding thru trees on WSLR one day last season, I cornered a tree too fast, and the way I fell into a small tree, one of the clips that allows me to adjust the tightness of the main strap snapped off…. I didnt notice it until I got to the lift, and tried to unstrap, only to find that my foot was essentially trapped in that binding all day. I had to ride the lifts switch the entire day.

    I still use the bindings, but I hot glued a small enough nub on the broken clip so that I could use em…. I could really use these Unions, especially on my new CAPiTA StairMaster

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  17. Sam.A

    This one time, I was snowboarding and did a triple cork in front of everyone and landed in a hot tub full of bikini models. Shit was so cash.
    Oh and my binding was like a little loose or something.

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  18. Brian

    this one time during a comp i was next in line to drop for my slopestyle run, and i noticed my back foot (right binding) was a little loose. I thought ahh don’t have time to fix it now it will hold for this run. I hit the first jump (30 foot stepdown) then coming into the second jump i take off for a frontside 7 and while im in the air my binding comes off the board. haha it trough me off completely in the air and barley landed in an awkward stance dragging my back foot. maybe next time i should tighten my bolts?

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  19. phil

    two summers ago we headed down to hood. During the first run I noticed my right heel strap ratchet wasn’t cranking down all the way and realized the teeth on the ladder were stripped. I rode the whole day with a loose strap. On the last run I came off a c box blind and landed in a hole and sprained my ankle because of the loose strap. Because of this I wasn’t able to ride at my home resort when it reopened for a couple more weekends because of a super late dump…..lame

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  20. big beefy boob

    (Please read the following message in a Guido accent)

    aight aight aight,
    so one day last year I was boardin with my buddies Mikey and Jimmy B. So we be, ya kno, takin shots of patron on the chairlift and what not. (Mikey keeps it on a necklace under his jackt.) Shots ta jah boiii!!! aight aight aight. so we be lappin green horn acres over on Holiday. dasss wassup. so we be fist pumpin n what not on the chair hard and so we get to the top and Jimmy B keeps tellin me about theze honeyz that be up there. So ya know, we tryin uh keep it low key a wrangle some snooch for da night. nowwhatimsayin? aight aight aight fuckthatshit fuckthatshit… so im comin in HOT for uh wide box and im tryin uh hit dat bitch one footed to impress my girl Jodeeen and her gernade bitch, Haile C and i have my fuckin back foot strapped in. but not my front. cuz youknow im a lil tipsy. but its okay. cuz my gunz are goin mad crzy sticken out of my TAPOUT shirt. but I eat mad shit and break both of my world industreees bindings. ahhhh nuggetzzz

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  21. Frank

    I was up at hood riding with my friends. Hit the first table front 3 no problem, second one I came up short and hit the knuckle hard, boot pops out ankle strap snaps off at the screws. My entire heel hoop which was held on by 2 screws was sliding around and loose.One of the screws snapped off and my heel hoop almost fell off. I took part of a stick and held it together for the ride down to the lift. On the way down some kooky kid ran me over and cut through my pants, through my first layer, and into both my shins. my toe strap got cut part way through and my toe nail folded inside my boot and had an imprint from my sock on it. I had to get 30 stitches double layered for both my shins. Worst on hill day ever, still better than any day at school.

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  22. Ben

    I dug all morning at high cascade and then just as they lets us go ride first lap my ankle strap falls off. i had to cross strap my toe strap across my ankle and my foot kept falling out. riding HCSC’s park with out a functioning setup is torture.

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  23. Kyle

    Riding a pair of Rome Targa’s when I popped off a side hit and landed a bit in the rear seat. That caused my rear screw plate to crack in half and take with it the teeth of the lower binding. So here I am riding a midwestern black diamond with bindings attached to two feet, but only one on the board. I feel like a drunk amputee trying to skateboard downhill and was only slightly more successful when I had no edge control and had to kill my speed by falling on my ass. Luckily hills in the midwest are just that, hills. Walked the rest of the way to the chalet, looked up Rome’s number and gave them a piece of my mind. Yay for lifetime warranty on baseplates!

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  24. travioli

    Well I bought a pair of Custom House x Airblaster bindings about 5 years ago, so I don’t have any binding problems except mine are old, yet still rad in my opinion…so I’m making up a story…here goes:

    (in the voice of John Wayne’s Penis) So let me tell it to ya straight Sally’s and Billy’s. It was cold, it was real cold, like I couldn’t get slippery with Sally cold. The whiskey wasn’t warming me with its magic. The times were tough, me and Scotty Stevens were having trouble rounding up rails. So we rode down the trail and came to a little place called Sugarbush. After regaining consciousness after one hell of a wild turkey bender, we realized we needed to get on some rails. Somehow I lost my board during the blackout, so when we got to the mountain I managed to trade two leather pouches of chew and a pouch of fake grass. for some rickety old Burton. I’ll tell you what, I went to strap in at the top of hill and the god damn binding exploded like a stick of dynamite up a bull’s ass. A piece of shrapnel got Scotty in the leg taken him out for a couple months back in ’08. With no help from Ski Patrol I threw Scotty over my shoulder, snowboarded down the mountain and saved that leg. Unfortunately it was too late for me, the IV of Wild Turkey I had in my back-satchel was too much…and guess what Billy, my liver decided to shit the brick. It was all over for this cowboy. The story ended up like a tragedy, but lucky for you, Scotty survived to amaze ya’ll with his bold maneuvers.
    So the moral of the story Sally’s and Billy’s; if you wake up in a place called Sugarbush, don’t buy into the Burton bull and get yourself a god damn pair of Unions.

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  25. Matty

    I got two good ones actually. So im a snowboarding instructor, have been for 5 years. Taught at Park City for two years, then moved out to Tahoe. So im in the middle of a lesson, with a bunch of groms around 8-12. We’re working on keeping our legs lose through rough shit. So i take the kids to some rather gnarly bumps, gnarly in a bad way. Uneven, some the size of a VW, trees in the middle of the run. At the time i was riding a rome graft (worst fucking board ever by the way) with some rome 390s. The ankle strap ratchet on my right foot was already fucked up and constantly came loose anyway, and as im about to dive into the mogul feild my toe strap snaps. The ladder totally broke. So now i got to go through a gnarly ass mogul feild with no toe strap, and effectively no ankle strap on my back foot, while trying to coach a bunch of kids. It was an interesting ride to say the least.
    Second story happened the same year, different set up. This time it was a new forum destroyer with some ride delta bindings. Its my day off, no brats or weekend warriors to teach. So im in the park, just working on some spins. There were 3 jumps in this jump line, just do a front 3 off the first, coming up on the second, i realize i got too much speed pretty much soon as i hit the lip, so i just straight air it and over shoot it. Land pretty damn hard. So hard in fact that i sheer off all the bolts on my front binding. So now i got to ride to the bottom of the mountain, switch one-footed. And it was lower Jonesy’s park, so im 2/3 of the way up the damn mountain.
    All that was 3 years ago. You know what i started riding after that and have been ever since? Capita boards with Union bindings!!!!

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  26. Julia Thrift

    It was a soggy, icy day on the north shore mountains, my bindings have being falling apart since the start of the season as the plastic parts were slowly deteriorating. I sat at the top of the terrain park as I began to ride down the take off and do up my binding at the same time, the bigger strap on my burton est bindings completely popped off the binding and fell into the snow right as I was hitting the lip of the jump. Panicking, arms flailing my foot slowly slipping out of the binding, I came to a sudden crash course stop. Head slamming into the icy landing as my neck whipped like the top of the trees in wind. Slowly sitting up and crawling out of the landing with sudden realization of what had happened, I stood up and made my way down to the chair is well as I could still attempting to ride with a pounding head ache. Fixing the binding at the chair as the lifties where enjoying themselves laughing at my misfortune ( and lets not kid our selves if any of us where in there place we would be laughing to) I joined in the laughter as well. Being told I was good to go I took the chair up and started the long mogul ride down to the gondola, I then hit a side hit where again i lost my strap and this time the high back , hitting the moguls and sliding down cracking my knee cap and worsening my concussion.

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  27. jacob miller

    took my girls little brother to go ride, as we were up on the hill i noticed he was strapping in weird… he had the left binding on the right side and the right on the left! so the buckles were on the inside of his feet ha. it made my day.

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  28. Kirk T

    I was sitting by the phone with nothing to do. It was a bluebird day, and my philosophy, was to focus on the important things. You know, things like the creamiest of ice cream, and swans on foreign water bodies. I did eventually receive a call that would change everything. A Viking that somehow resembled Michael J. Fox in back to the future gave me a phone call. He said he wanted to show me something, and I must hike up a mystical mountain to find out. That mountain was fortunately not a mountain at all, but a bbg house called, ‘the mountain’.

    It was at the bbq house that I devoured a stack of pancakes like no other stack. This new friend, said, that we must go to a hidden place, with a hidden stash of snow like none I had ever seen. It was already the dark hours, but this place was filled with lights of every color. It was there we would ride. He handed me a shiny snowboard with a golden unicorn. I was pointed to a rainbow rail. It was made of gold.

    A majestic star appeared overhead. I approached the rail. I nailed it. I must have nailed it 80 times. After that, I went to ratchet up my diamond encrusted bindings for another try at this rainbow rail of gold. I saw a house materialize in front of me. It blocked the rail. I heard a voice say, ‘ride through the house’. So I did. It turned out it was an enchanted place with a cauldron in the centre. I ollied over the cauldron, but my board and bindings were sucked into it, like a vortex. It consumed the board, but the bindings spit back out. I took the golden bindings and read the words on them. They said, ‘never come back here’. And then everything disappeared except the bindings. I picked up the bindings, but they turned into fire. My skin was scorched. All of the sudden everything disappeared. I was alone on an unknown road.

    A creature like an elephant spoke to me and said, “You shall remain silent, until you know the time has come to tell your story”.

    And now is that time.

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  29. Jordan

    About an hour into a morning commute I heard a clunk on the highway.
    As I looked up through the moon roof the boards were still on the rack.
    As we arrived to the mountain, and I get out of the car.
    Some child we parked next to asked why I didn’t bring my other binding.
    Then I realized what the clunk was. FUUUUUU

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  30. bane

    dude :D thas the funniest story ever!

    I don’t have a binding horror storry… have union forces :P

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  31. seth riggs

    so i have same story as josh p, but i have more. so about four years ago i started snowboarding again. so i had to get a new set up on a budget so i spend most of my money on a the new k2 www that year and have less for bindings so i get two year old brand new flow binds you know the slip on kind (oh and i was sponsered too that year by my mom). there kind of like bindings but with out the feel or trust you need surounding your feet. so one nice cloudy day in washington im crusing with friend up to the lift line not listing to the slow down signs to make that steezzzy ending to sweet run (like a bat out of hell is more like it), i catch a fat edge and some how both yeah i said both boots fly out of my binders and my board flys up and the edge hit both of my shins flush. after that day i didnt want to put my money makers in those death traps but i did for the rest of that season i heasitated on everything i did. its not like i was doing huge but a simple slash was skechy. i dont want to knock union but i want to tell the truth but i bought forces and they were heaven for a year and a half until one session mid slop style my top strap on the back right starts to come undone. i stop and try to fix it and i think i have it, stand up and comes right out so im riding down the mountain pretty much from the top top im crusing with only a toe strap i finally get it fixed and then a few weeks later i happened again. dont know how but i fixed them again with a series of blows from my fists. but yeah thats what im dealing with now. sorry about the spelling im in college.

    one love

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  32. Felix

    Bought new tool-free fully adjustable forum ATA binding (1999), every quick adjuster was broken after 2 days on the mountain and had to be replaced by screws. The Intersport Shop at the Top of Stubai Glacier was so nice to sell me screws for 5 euro/piece!

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      Ok, I’m closing the comments on these and gonna pick a winner. Bear with me, might be a minute…

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