bHappy At Northstar

By • Dec 1st, 2010 • Category: Features, Videos

The bHappy dudes doing what they do best… being obnoxious on the hill and off! So annoying.

Riding: Shane Wright, Max Tokunaga, Sammy Spiteri, Zander Blackmon
Edit by Paul Heran

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19 thoughts on “bHappy At Northstar

  1. ZAch Whats Really Slappy.

    This Shit is so Whak , No entertainment in any aspect the lifys,riding,musk,editng all shity and boaring, Please never show people scooting across a floor on there ass in a northstarr edit . Be More Mad next time.

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  2. piles

    fun is fun, but its more fun to not film fun cos than everyone focus’s jus doing what they do. in that respect, this edit needs to 187 itself. we dont need a definition of fun boarding. filmin = showing off = showing off SKILLS.

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  3. Bryce

    “filmin = showing off = showing off SKILLS.” – Piles. Haha. Agree to disagree. Sometimes snowboarding gets a little too serious.

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