Get in the Van 2 FULL MOVIE

By • Dec 4th, 2010 • Category: Full Movies, Videos

Punctuality has never been one of Rob Balding’s strong points, but he sure knows how to make damn good movie. Featuring some of Tahoe’s most radical Ams, Get in the Van 2 offers everything from misty urban spots to sweet pow turns.

Riders: Blake Geis, Johnny Brady, Danny Buller, Mark Wilson, Josh Bishop, Curtis Woodman, Will Bateman, Alex Horgan, Cam McCutcheon, Nate Clark, Brandon Larson, Durell Williams, Dan Pitbladdo, Brandon Cocard

Filmed & Edited by Rob Balding

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13 thoughts on “Get in the Van 2 FULL MOVIE

  1. Scott

    Yeah, no kidding. That Brian Jonestown song is the theme on Boardwalk Empire. Its hard to take a part seriously when all you can think about is smuggling booze.

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