Yawgoo Valley: Open For Business

By • Dec 13th, 2010 • Category: Features, Videos

Yawgoo Vally is sick. Located in Exeter, Rhode Island about 20 minutes from the beach, Yawgoo has 2 double chair lifts and a rope tow. If you ask the owners nicely you can build you own jibs and set them up right next to the rope tow. What the heck more do you want, a heated gondola? Here are a couple edits from Brendan Gouin featuring RI homeys Marcus Rand and Dylan Gamache.

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is pretty.... awesome.
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15 thoughts on “Yawgoo Valley: Open For Business

  1. Hoodude

    Nice! That looks like a fun place to ride and the riders were pretty talented. Video sucked though cause of the same two features…yobeat users hate that trend

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  2. ^dg

    yes sorry all yobeat users its tuff tho when you have to make take and build everything you wanna ride cus the owners are so tightfisted they wont replace the broken shovels on the 3 lifts

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