The Runs Episode 4: Nashoba Valley

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This episode of The Runs features EB up-and-comers Chase, Kevin, and Zach, as well as cameos from OG Matt Dean and young gun Nick Hudson riding Nashoba Valley in Westford, MA. Nashoba Valley is also the home mountain of EB rider Colleen Quigley, and is the place where her snowboard got stolen on December 22nd. That in mind, we made the second part of this episode a re-edit of Colleen Quigley’s “Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow” part (including the fabled topless backflip!)

Part 1: Nashoba Valley Shredding

Part 2: Nashoba Local Colleen Quigley: Peep Show re-edit

The Runs is a weekly collaboration between YoBeat and Eastern Boarder, come back next week for a check in from EB team rider Kevin Bicknell out in Mammoth.

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10 thoughts on “The Runs Episode 4: Nashoba Valley

  1. wow

    please, eastern boarder, invest in a film device thats at least a little better than my moms old flip phone’s video recorder

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  2. bobbyo

    zach normandin ripss and i wanna see a wachusett RUNS with rav, nick julius,rego, n.e. stud and the other locals.

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