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Internet celebrity is a funny thing. You can earn it for being good at something, but more often, it comes with less desirable attributes. In Jerm’s case, “celebrity” is debatable, but if you frequent any website that posts videos of snowboarding, you probably know the name. Easily the most frequent commenter on this site, it was time to see if it was just all talk. So we told Jerm, stop filming first person cooking with that GoPro and put it in the hands of the kids you are allegedly teaching — let’s see this shit! But posting the Jerm edit without a little commentary wouldn’t be right, so we recruited a few of those subjected to him the past to offer their thoughts on the Jerm Edit.


I’m just gonna get straight to the point here. This little movie you seem to have made is most likely blowing some peoples’ minds right about now. Not only can you write a good summary on some lame edit or post witty comments, you can also do some pretty sweet maneuvers on that snowboard of yours, but you definitely could have caught the tranny just a tad bit more on that downflatdown. You’re good at jumping over rails and to the ends of them, so I’m thinking you were a Track and Field kid during high school. I’m probably right. I’ve always gotten the “athlete” impression from you. Even though there’s solid maneuvers, this edit is pretty bland, and the song doesn’t really help, but the SAGA outerwear sure does! I give this a C+. There is much more room for improvement, and Jerm, you should have capitalized on it. That’s all for now.


Andrew Nagel.

First off Jerm, you’re not at Bear Mountain in a Transworld Sunday in the Park video, stop trying to do little wallride tappy things at the end of every rail. And I bet you rewind your stiffy at 0:36 over and over so you can get a stiffy.

that is all. — Seamus Foster.

“Ah yes, the infamous ‘Jerm’. Most of the time this cyber-terrorist can be found ruthlessly scouring the online snowboarding community attempting to single-handedly shatter the hopes and dreams young snowboarders. After years of furiously working his frustrated fingers across the keyboard of hatred, Jerm finally caught a break along with a reason to take his hands out of his pants and go snowboarding. What was his motivation one might ask? Free outerwear. Free Saga outerwear. About 4 or 5 retaliation comments deep on his “Rejected Edits” write-up, Jerm replied, “Smerc youd turn down free outerwear? or are you still on that “skiing is gay” thing? its all the same and all dumb.” Well, that’s funny. I know plenty of snowboarders, including myself, who would rather ride naked then look like a carbon copy of every freeskier and their sister at Park City. Now I could sit and hate all day long, be a hypocrite, and not give your snowboarding any justice, but that wouldn’t be fair.

First off, excellent song choice. It’s very fast paced and inspiring, yet, not too distracting from the riding. I can appreciate your creativity and the desire to snowboard in an uncommon fashion, hitting features in unexpected ways. What’s the term? Skate-influenced? You had some really nice presses in there for sure. I’ve yet to see someone press an Amplid like that. Nice work. Towards the end you did a really smooth frontside invert… just a few more inches and you would have made it to the coping, Tony. And I’m glad you gave some time for the music to play out after that last bangin’ line… really had to let that one process. On the bright side, it looked like you and all your friends were having a great time riding together and that’s all that matters.” -Andrew Aldridge

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121 thoughts on “The Jerm Edit

  1. Christi


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  2. Griffindor

    I reapetedly found my head tilted to the right, trying to keep it level. That filmer has some work to do.

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  3. tc

    Jerm has a bad case of “pussy-legs”. It looks like he has to try oh so very hard to get his little body off the ground

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  4. less money

    jerm, i will give it to you: you do have one of the best shifty’s ive ever seen on a rail

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  5. gypsypussylosers

    i love how much everyone is hating on skiing, but you all sound as fucking retarded as kids on, the shithole of dumbass skiers.

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  6. Simon

    Just a heads up guys “jerm” is about 26ish and is damn good at snowboarding. I have ridden with him at windells, he coaches there and he is better than every single person on this comment board. He had a video part FROM 4 YEARS AGO This debate shouldn’t really be happening, the guy doesn’t care what any of you think and I can tell you right now that he is loving this outcry against him right now. Jerm accept my friend request on facebook already, I know that you read this and I know you know who this is.

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  7. CMI

    Haha. I would have never posted an edit like this of myself. I dont care how high an opinion you have of yourself. Mediocre riding to shitty music. Even if the intent here was irony it was a miserable failure. Ironic videos only work if youre killing it so hard that everyone overlooks the music. Unfortunately, bumping into a couple knee high rails and dragging your tail over a knuckle doesnt qualify as impressive riding in my book. Epic fail. At least this allows the snowboarding community to take your comments with a grain of salt. You telling someone that they are bad at snowboarding is about the equivalent of a third string QB giving advice to Tom Brady. They can both play the game but sometimes maybe its better if you just sit down and shut the fuck up.

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  8. StLouisAlaskan

    This nigga is so bitchmade. ridin at vail and shit, hatin on people all the time. nice helmet breh. did it come with a sweet team jersey? have you ever hit a handrail or even shoveled your own spot? i just really can’t look at a shit park edit and give this kid any daps. such a slap in the face to anyone that spends 2-3 hours getting a spot ready and standing around in the cold all day for a 3 second clip that you feel wasn’t up to your ‘park robot’ standards. anyone can ride a park guy, go out and shovel a spot, make an edit on that, then send it in.

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