Alphabit Chowda

By • Mar 25th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

Due to our inexplicable obsession with the Midwest/East Coast as of late, it’s been feeling like this season is coming to a close. Thankfully, we just received this video of what’s happening in our backyard right now. Timberline. Willamette Pass. Powder. Alphabit Crew. Yes.

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10 thoughts on “Alphabit Chowda

  1. sean

    chill out on the sarcastic east coast hate…..the west coast has bigger mountains…….got it

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  2. angryj

    Looks like fun….but definitely some of the most sketch riding I’ve ever seen….would rather see kids from the midwest slay the park…just sayin

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  3. ble

    aw thats cute, whats that 10 inches? tahoes gotten 10 FEET in the past week. and yes, im way too busy soul shredding to film a second.

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  4. CK

    Kids having a god damn blast more like it and don’t have the privileges of riding Tahoe most likely. Respect the NW!!

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