Last Powder Day at Jackson Hole

By • Apr 1st, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

What’s worse — a resort closing because the snow all melts, or a resort closing when it’s still this good? Jackson Hole, closing date: April 3.

Riders: Blake Paul, Cam FitzPatrick, Aaron Robinson, and Alex Yoder

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10 thoughts on “Last Powder Day at Jackson Hole

  1. shitballs

    because all rich people stop riding by mid-march, and what big resort in their right mind would ever stay open just for their loyal passholders? none

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  2. JEA

    they have to close early cause the are on forest service land..something to do with animal migration and shit

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  3. Eric S

    I can’t believe they’re closing with all that snow. I would piss in managements coffee if I were local. Even if they have a forest service obligation, there is no fire danger and no animals will be wandering around when it’s still snowing.
    At least the last day looked super fun

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  4. ayerscare

    I got in a snowball fight with a moose once at Jackson, but it didn’t seem to mind. animals love attention

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