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Remembering Dylan Peters

The snowboarding community recently lost one of its most promising young athletes. Dylan Peters was the perfect snowboarder. Constantly pushing himself and others around him. I meet him during my first ever coaching job at Bolton Valley. He was the youngest and smallest rider on the team, but never let that hold him back. His relentless motivation and desire to progress his snowboarding was astounding. Never before have I see such a young rider learn so many difficult tricks in such a short time. Everyday we rode together he was there ready to push himself and his older friends. Regardless of bad weather or sub par park conditions Dylan maintained a positive attitude. I was very excited to see where his talents would take him.

In more recent years Dylan began making strong appearances in Rev Tour and US Open events. With more tricks in his bag than any snowboarder at his age should have he was quickly rising the ranks. His presence will surely be missed on and off the slopes by all. Keep riding the clouds Dylan.

is a man of the people.
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  1. This is terrible news. My thoughts and love go out to the friends and family of Dylan.
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  2. RIP Dylan Peters. You’re the man
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  3. he is at 40 seconds sending a double back flip
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  4. I feel sad bro
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  5. HI i feel pretty bad bro.
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