Spring in Utah

By • Apr 14th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

It ain’t over yet in the Wasatch Mountains. Heck, it’s not even showing any signs of stopping. Notice we said “heck” as not to offend the locals, and here are a couple edits from Utah for your enjoyment/jealousy.

Spring Fling at Park City

Riders: Kent Leng, Durell Williams, Matty-Mo, Aaron Fraher, and Kyle Fischer
Film/Edit: Amanda Hankison

One day at Brighton

Riders: Cooper Thomas, Matt E Ryan, Andrew Aldridge, Rob Field, Tristan Sadler, Tucker Brown, Cameron Gorby
Edit: Tristan Sadler/Whatcoast.blogspot.com

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24 thoughts on “Spring in Utah

  1. mn

    haha that dumb punk scenester in the park city edit made me laugh so hard. (0:26) snowboarding with new ashburys with studs all over them and a mohawk is so hardcore and so punk rock.

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  2. upstatemike.

    im gonna say 3 out of 5 boners for both. some good stuff, im like em, but not enough to really tickle my pickle.

    that double pits to down box looks like a fuckin great time.

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    DAMN. I played the pc edit on silent and could STILL hear Kyle fischer’s tap at 1:43..

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