COMUNE’s Official Message

By • Jun 21st, 2011 • Category: News

Last week the news went out about a hostile takeover at COMUNE, but as always, there are two sides to the story. Today those inside the brand offered this official statement about what would stay the same, and the major changes taking place. Namely, relocating its operational headquarters from Costa Mesa to the Los Angeles Art District. Looks like the party line is last weeks outrage was nothing more an an unfortunate PR hiccup, but we’re stoked Corey Smith will still be gainfully employed and maybe there’s hope for the brand after all, though hopefully they get a new PR person who doesn’t send press releases in jpeg form.

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14 thoughts on “COMUNE’s Official Message

  1. upstatemike.

    you guys can come work for upstate. we pay in the occasional beer and/ or beer koozie. we don’t have an “office” or any “employees”, or a “payroll” or send “jpeg press releases”, but we do make party and sell a tshirt here and there.

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  2. Sad News

    I doubt it was an unfortunate PR hiccup when the entire brand is gone. Marketing, Sales, Design, PR and skate team.

    I don’t know, you tell me.

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  3. guy

    The head designer Jacob remains and Corey Smith of marketing/pr remains, the only thing that is changing is the office location…so yea brands not dead at all.

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  4. scummit co

    There still in business and couple people left…whatever there still around that’s all I care about..

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  5. Sad News

    Ha. The entire creative vision of the Brand is gone as well as the Marketing team. The original goal of comune has changed and their roots are gone.

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  6. Happy News

    Always two sides to a story. And those that left can and will be replaced. No one is irreplaceable. Thanks dicks, you just increased the unemployment line.

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  7. holy crap

    I thought Corey was one of the owners? Some hommies saw him a bunch in Tahoe last winter running the snow team and working on their video, thats crazy that he handles the marking too. In that case it looks like the change wont be bad.

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  8. Bob

    Corey is the art director for COMUNE and is an integral member of the marketing team. I suspect you won’t notice any changes on a public level. Most of the issues were over distribution and the relocation of the brand.

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  9. holy crap

    what about the creative team, who made up the brands look? Without the same thought processes seems like this will change a lot, you cant duplicate souls. I think this brand was rad because of what it stood for, its a red flag always when people seem to leave a brand due to “distribution”, ie selling out to the masses. Looks like we will find this stuff now next to the typical Hurley’s and Quiksilvers of the world.

    A snowboarding fashion brand doesnt make much sense to me.

    Fuck this I am going to start wearing Hollister.

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  10. abcdefg

    p.s no one gives a flying fuck where you relocate to, your clothes are still homo

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