High Cascade Session 3 Recap

By • Jul 18th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

The High Cascade session 3 edit has it all! Camper Cameos! Scotty Wittlake sighting! Snowskating! Sun! Fun! etc. etc.

Filmed by: Tanner Pendleton, Skylar Brent, Rob Balding, Matt Roberge, Harry Hagan, Sean Lucey, and Ted “Bundy” Borland.

Edited by: Tanner Pendleton

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32 thoughts on “High Cascade Session 3 Recap

  1. ben

    im speechless…that last trick was so crazy. what the fuck. and this is only session 3

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  2. â–² :: f r i t z p f a f f :: â–²

    don’t sleep on bode, ya’ll

    dood is HAM !

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  3. Gerg!

    I guess this means we will see the 1-foot double cork this summer too. The progression train must be a Mag-Lev now…

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  4. Travis

    She called the doctor and wanted to schedule an appointment for my sister and I and today was the only day they could get us in. So my mom told both of us you don’t need to take a shower if you don’t want to(since I got up at 12pm and she got up at 12:30p.m.)

    Other than that the tricks are great, well all agree on this

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  5. Grinch

    27 comments and you guys don’t hate this and think it’s played out yet?
    Yobeat is the snowboarding hate machine, don’t start slipping now kids.

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