bHappy at Boreal Opening Night

By • Nov 3rd, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

You didn’t think the bHappy boys would miss opening night at Boreal, did you?

by Paul Heran and Bryce Hymans

Boarders – Sammy Spiteri, Durell Williams, Max Tokunaga, Nial Romanek, Johnny Brady, Bryce Hymans, Paul Heran, Tommy Gesme, Colton Morgan, Sean Keane, Jeff Baughn

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23 thoughts on “bHappy at Boreal Opening Night

  1. UhBooBOO!!!

    It’s okay Tim’s ballsack. I can’t see good either. Sometimes rainbow boxes and stall walls look like down rails.

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  2. lol

    people and their high expectations. you sound like an asian father. that looked really fun, i’m jelly

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