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Rejected Edits: Holiday Edition

How do you know holiday season has begun in the snowboard world? Themed edits. Just because you have costumes, tinted filters, and spooky music does not mean your edit is worth publishing on the internet. Hopefully this batch of rejects will be the last to feature tube edits and we can jump right back into shaky POV powder and sloppy obscure park edits.

The Board Syndicate — Halloween Special

Grade: D

I wanted this edit to be sick, I really did. A good theme edit is needed every now and then. But after about a minute and a half of zeaches, tapped presses and weak bs 180s off I was ready to give up hope. You nearly drew me back in with all that lifestyle/set up/anticipation building footage. Then blew it with a weak fs boardslide and soggy method. Cut. Unfortunately like a lot of snowboarders you put more effort into your outfits than you did your riding.

A-Bay Ham Squad Halloween

Grade: C

I think in this instance you meant for “ham” to be read in the theatrical sense, or

– Ham: Noun; an unskilled actor who over acts (i.e. clip at 2:00)

It’s nice to see Buck 90 finally moving on from CT and MA. They can’t seem to shake their uncanny knack of making sloppy edits though. Between the different frame sizes and the effect that is, what I imagine a girls vomit would look like if she just blew peter the pumpkin eater; discolored and with flecks of pubic hair, I had a hard time watching the whole thing. Luckily rat ass is pretty good at sliding rails and saved your edit a little bit of dignity.

Preseason Corrugated Pipe Snowboarding

Grade: F

This edit fits Halloween perfectly. This is the type of edit that gives me nightmares thinking about having to watch. The tittle alone gives me an ulcer. You didn’t seriously try and pass off that last stunt as a landed trick did you? Come on boys. Once you guys stop beating each other off over how sick your new camera is you might be able to learn how to snowboard, maybe.

Tyrol Basin Preseason Patch

Grade: D-

I get it, its Halloween so you used the Ghost Busters theme song, clever. Your edit is still terrible and no amount of catchy nostalgic music is going to save it. You guys need to take a few laps in between all those rails because you obviously can barely stand up on your snowboard, never mind jumping onto and sliding skillfully across a feature. This was by far some of the squirreliest snowboarding I’ve seen in a coons age. I would rather watch amateur girl snowboarders hit an urban quad kink than have to watch anything like this edit ever again.

Alpha Snake

Grade: D

Ahhhh Lemi. Look how far we’ve come. Just a few years ago you tried to have me kicked off a certain video hosting website. Then this spring asked me if I would get on your new video hosting site and use some of my finer words to “scare away” the less than desirable edits. And now, I sit here, getting paid to reject you, life is good. Now about the edit. Nobody needs another slippery Susan tube edit. I like the shameless plugs for Vita Coco though, maybe they will be naïve enough not to hate watching this edit and give you some free drinks. And to finish it off, a quick check in at the “there’s no low like Ludlow” skatepark. The only thing more painful on the eyes than that skatepark is this edit.

Rejected Edits are brought to you by Saga Outerwear. Deal with it.

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Comments (67)

  1. now you gotta go through the king lavik in this too? keep the fibs back in there home

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  2. just saying never seen anybody too good from tyrol other than nate. and hell id be hyped if people from outta state came to board at my park for a little patch of snow. And id be willing to bet someone from Granite/MN/ Or buff is gunna win that rail jam on the 17 in your hometown. CLAIM. hahaha

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  3. Thank you Lorenzo for putting your personal emails on a “let’s fuck with people” website for all of us to see.

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  4. I quit snowboarding. You realize you are talking shit on little kids right?

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  5. ^yes. and i dont care. theres no clause that says little kids cant be made fun of for submitting horrid videos.

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  6. Ya douche, way to bash the Ludlow Skatepark. That place has been built by skaters for skaters. No state or town help, no corporate donations, and definitely no help from ski companies. And you’re calling that place an eye sore?! The Ludlow skatepark has more love and support behind it then anything you’ve ever known. I’d gladly take a day in Ludlow over a day hanging out with your lame, judgemental, corporate sponsored, ass. Deal with it.

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  7. saga is gay

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  8. go back to skiing with that sage bullshit

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  9. All of these comments are awesome, I love every single one of you. Even you little Timmy.

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  10. @ Preseason Corrugated Pipe Snowboarding

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. In every way.

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  11. You can’t hate on Lemi for being more successful than you. He actually reps snowboarding through Strap’d up and snowboard companies. He isn’t a sellout like yourself. You think Vitacoco is gay but you rep a free skiing company. Fuck You. Fuck yobeat. And I think you should start wearing POC.
    Hope your butthole isn’t spread to wide from jail.

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  12. Jerm is definitely still butt hurt from getting raped for a month straight. Hey jerm, I have connections with Poc if you want some of their gear.
    Contact me.

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  13. this is great, love the hate and hate yobeat but dude lozrenzo, that was way below par

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  14. Jerm, I give you an F – for being a fackin loser .

    “what I imagine a girls vomit would look like if she just blew peter the pumpkin eater; discolored and with flecks of pubic hair”

    Ummmm… Are you talking about snowboarding? Or just saying some creepy dumb shit?

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  15. You know you’re a douche when you make tshirts for your shitty snowboard crew. FUCK LORENZO.

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