11.11.11 At Boreal

By • Nov 13th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

Nick Lipton got an 11.11.11 tattoo at 11:11 on Friday. True Story. Meanwhile, Yale Cousino and Charles Reid preformed 11 switch tricks, 11 regular tricks, and 11 tricks over the previous two days at Boreal. Ian Post made an edit about it.


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20 thoughts on “11.11.11 At Boreal

  1. blacksnowboarder

    i actually enjoyed watching this,that brighton edit blows chunks compared to this. I love hating on kids

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  2. dude

    please learn some basic english grammar. “thoughs”….. really?
    i do love the gremlinz, but gad damn you make them look stupid when you write a bunch of brand names followed by “cheaaa”


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  3. Teddy

    To dude,

    fuck you

    and Yales got that proper switch steez, looks jus as comfortable as he does regs

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