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Airblaster in Winter Park

Our intern was just wondering how much more b-footage you never see and look at that, Airlblaster dropped some more of it from the making of Resepct Your Elders!

I was pretty stoked to go there and ride with Ben and have him show us around his home turf. Ben is one of my favorite people to take resort laps with. You never know what he’s gonna do and he’s always doing something. Here is the left over footage that didn’t make the original Winter Park cut in Respect Your Elders. Featuring the riding of Ben Lynch, Brandon Cocard, and Travis Parker.

– Kyle Norman Schwartz

Go to to get the full Respect Your Elders movie!

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Comments (4)

  1. lynch has a mean backflip
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  2. Makes me want to go snowboard so bad..
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  3. such good style by all
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  4. airblaster is still awesome!
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