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Win: A Salomon Team Vacation Set Up!

The Salomon and Bonfire Teams are going on vacation! A Team Vacation to be exact. All season long they’ll be traveling to resorts around the world filming for a full length, as well as edits to be dropped on the web. This week, the tour schedule will be announced, and to get you hyped, Salomon is giving away a brand new Salomonder Snowboard and a pair of Boss bindings to one lucky dude or dudette. To enter, all you have to do is comment below with the reason you think the Team Vacation Bus should come to your local hill. As soon as the tour schedule drops, whichever Salomon and Bonfire team riders aren’t too busy vacationing will pick their favorite comment and that person will win! We will also have some prizes for runners up, so make those reasons convincing.


Brian Keller, or comment #11:

Well when I start off by telling you that I want you to come to Illinois to snowboard on quite possibly one of the smallest hills (it’s actually a valley) in America my guess would be you’re not to impressed. Guess what neither was I…at first. But once you understand that it has the greatest atmosphere, riders, filmers and rails you will realize why I would want Salomon to visit Raging Buffalo. Raging Buffalo is only park and the tow rope stretching right down the middle proves that. Well I doubt you would want to come to the tiny place that I and many of my friends call home for the season of Winter but I guarantee if you come you would never want to leave.

Raging Buffalo, here we come*

Follow along with the whole team vacation at

*maybe, see the actual schedule here.

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Comments (323)

  1. Ohhh good ol’ North Carolina….To start off….none of you guys have a cookout, good burger place kinda equivalent to the in and out. Sundrop invented here along with cheerwine, to commonly known sodas around these parts…pretty much the greatest drinks ever. We got app ski mountain. Daniel Boone lived here. A few Capita guys came through…Scott Stevens Cale Zima and Tj Schnieder. They had a lot of fun got really drunk for free probably had sex with hot chicks. They said it was the nicest and most friendliest place they visited… I think.. Our terrain park is better than these other kids…we have more park than normal runs. We run shit they eat shit we snowboard they ski we are cool they are not. So come to app mountain or have East Coast Hate forever…jokingly of course we love you guys. We dont need the free stuff we just want it like everyone else. The main reason for you to come is to coem shred a north carolina secret and be treated like kings while ya get drunk with free beer and eat free food ride for free maybe i dont know but hey you probably are not paying for it yourself.

    So come ride


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  2. Wilmot Wisconsin,people hate on willy some much but the thing we have so many locals who progress every year and just have fun with it.we love our wilmot mountain, the park keeps getting better and better every year, we have good sized runs with lifts new tubing hills and just a over all good environment, Wilmot ski and snowboard, tubing has been working on the place year by year just for some improvments, come stop at wilmot give all the employees a confidence boost, and shred with the locals.

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  3. Hi, um….if you guys came to montana….that would just about make my life! i dont mind if i dont win the board or not…just having some sick pros come and shred our hill would be rad..

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  4. cause seymour is ghetto fun. party snake!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Holiday Valley, NY is one of the most entertaining resorts in the east. There are so many aspects to this place that other resorts don’t have.. We have three full terrain parks, the best waffle hut in the east (literally, its been rated), Radio Ron who thinks the clothing style is still in the 80’s and uses radio headphones, MILF’s standing around everywhere at the bottom of the bunny hill, Native americans trying to sell cheap cigarettes who mean mug you every second, Bars everywhere with the best wings and pizza you will ever have, and its the home of notorious Dialer Dualers. if you don’t know them already, Mo F*#Ka’s beta know.

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  6. Because….Chris Grenier…enough said

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  7. Fuck the world and come to Duluth. We’ll round the Damage and Jambox crews up, get drunk, and get the boot from even more bars. Ask Bjorn about how a night with us winds up……

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  8. Raging Buffalo has the most hype. everyone is supportin that shit. good vibes good times good memories. all these haters are jealous that raging is so small but has the most hype and so many people know about it

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  9. Come to sunday river in maine because the west side is overrated in park edits. Nobody checks out the eastern mountains unless it’s Loon. the mountain is huge and the parks are fresh, and the vibe here is the best I think. I doubt this will get picked but it would be pretty sick to see a nice pro edit at my local hill

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  10. because the chicks here give up the b-hole

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  11. Come out to Park City! PCMR’s early season park is pretty sick right now.. nice lines and such. And after shredding the park, you can get some cheap grub and cheaper PBR’s at a different place in town every day! Epic if you ask me. “I Ride Park City”

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  12. Come to C.O.P. (Calgary) its jeds hometown cmon! and we have some of the best urban here in calgary so please come! CALGARY WHAT UP!

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  14. Stevens Pass, cause we got real mountains and a cheesy bavarian town down the road. Leaderhosen, Pow Stashes, and Beer is all a man needs!

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  15. The Solomon/Bonfire team needs to come to Cataloochee Ski Resort in North Carolina! We may not have the biggest mountain or the best features but the environment is about having fun and enjoying snowboarding for what it is and having fun. not only is the snowboarding great but the people are great and Haywood County has Tractor Pulls, Pig Catchin’, Muddin’, Square Dancing, try finding that in Whistler, Mont Cascade Quebec, or Four Lakes in Illinois. We know how to have a good time in N.C. and you won’t regret coming.

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  16. Stowe VT because who doesn’t like a place where you get to wear all your layers and coats at once. You can ride a predominantly skier mountain with fun parks, plenty of snow, glades with strange names like angel food. You can also hit the famous burlington high school set a 1/2 away

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  17. where dem runners up prizes at fool

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  18. the mountains around baltimore are shitty, and the salamonder bus isn’t. it would make the make the mountains less shitty.

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  19. @What!!! we did say that, didn’t we. Ok, stay tuned…

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  20. come to okemo. we really haven’t had action since niko cioffi, danny kass, lucas magoon, shayne pospisil, kevin pearce for a bit i think, and ect. all either got straight up banned or went somewhere else and okemo has been a blow ever since. the only good riders here now are jeremy landy (owner of strap’d up) and rex calabrese but they came back from tahoe to help us out a little and get back to riding some of that east coast metal. its been boring, yours truly – the kid that needs excitement

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  21. Cataloochee Ski Area (Maggie Valley, NC). No large towns within 30 minutes on all sides. Its here you will find the second most interesting people in the United States, the best times you could possibly imagine, and friends you will never forget. Our park isn’t by any means anything to boast about. No rope tows, no large jumps, and not many rails to choose from but at Cataloochee the experience is not about the park. Most of our good times are solely based off of having fun with friends and taking advantage of the occasional side hit. Everybody knows everybody on the mountain and everyone is close. As a plus in your off mountain hours there is the best selection of entertainment around from biker bars to tiki bars to square dancing with your cousin. I see all of these midwestern mountains gaining popularity all the while the southeast has just been a sleeping giant. I promise if you took a visit, you would never regret it.

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  22. because if you chose me and my hill (artouste) then you will get the chance not just to meet me but to give me a snowboard, but seriously i’d be really stoked if you guys picked me

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  23. At long last, the runners up are: Pat Bethel from Pico, VT, James Wilson from Chicago and Alexandre Desjardins from Quebec. thanks to everyone!

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