FunBlock’s Jackson Hole Opener

By • Nov 29th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

Jackson may be one of the few resorts in the US where you can very easily scare the shit out of yourself, in bounds, but the boys at FunBlock just wanna cruise!

Featuring: Blake Paul, Cam FitzPatrick, Cam Walters, Jeff Moran, Alex Yoder, Dan Rodosky and friends

Filmed by: Rich Goodwin

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12 thoughts on “FunBlock’s Jackson Hole Opener

  1. BlackGuyInLiftLine

    Oh shit, I didn’t know there was black dudes in Jackson…When I make it out there we gotta ride together brother, I’m assuming you won’t be that hard to find. Keep reppin out there for us.

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  2. Schleg! likes Montana

    Now that A-Rob is gone, Blake Paul is my favorite dude to watch. Keep killing it man, it’s what he would want.

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