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By • Dec 1st, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

We know things are looking a little corpo around here today, but don’t worry, we just have to pay our bills. We haven’t forgotten about the little guy, so for all of you purists, here’s three edits from Brighton featuring no corporate sponsors, or even pro riders for that matter. All homies, all the time.

Brighton Early Season

Edit: Mia Lambson
Riders: Brandon Hobush, Justin Clark, Alex Cato, Oliver Dixon and Friends.

Useless Shit 4: Thanksgiving Weekend

Edit: Kick The Bucket
Riders: Tucker Brown, Andrew Aldridge, Logan Griffith, Rob Field, Jesse Gouveia, Mark Equinozzi, Matt E Ryan, Jeff, Jack, CiCi da Cat,and some lurkers.

Thanksgiving Weekend at Brighton

Edit: Seamus Foster
Riders: Ben Hannon, Nicky McMillen, Ryan Lanham, Seamus Foster, Dan Wells and Willis

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35 thoughts on “Brighton Mega Post

  1. matty

    dom luza can rip and all..just not a fan of that rounded edges cant hold an edge sloppiness

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  2. Retarded

    KTB Spelled “useless shit” wrong in their own edit…. Unless they meant “usless shit”

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  3. advanced healing bandaid

    im just jealous that theres people out there that have gotten there snow swag on already
    signed: desperate eastcoast-er

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  4. upstatemike.

    how many mountains are gonna have the Loon wall this year?? i call at least 6. everyone wants in on the action after loonatics tore that thing a new one.

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