Get Healthy at Trollhaugen

By • Dec 13th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

No, it’s not a fitness video, it’s a few days at Trollhaugen with a buncha dudes, duh.

Featuring: Ryan Holupchinski, Ricky Koukal, Danny Kiolbasa, Jon Overson, Nate Blomquist, Jesse Paul, Kyle Koukal, Ryan Paul, Aidan Flanagan, Cullen Bernklau, Alex Colorito, Andre Wilson, Mark Wilson, Max Ronning, Mitch Kirby

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34 thoughts on “Get Healthy at Trollhaugen

  1. poop dung poops

    who thinks that it’s hard to watch a bunch of people hitting the same rail over and over..

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  2. poop dung poops

    i mean it looks fun, but christ.. we’ve seen all these tricks done tons of times on lots of different park rails in many edits. i’m bored. dislike me

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  3. well...

    first off flipping in or out is gay…but who thinks you can learn something from edits like these

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  4. R Kelly Goldenshower

    show us other god damn resorts yobeat im tired of fucking buck hill or what ever this is

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  5. terdferg

    hey poop dung or what ever your name is. where is your hate on the bonezone? or should we call it the blown zone. same concepts. stop hating because these kids are better then you

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  6. poop dung poops

    Bonezone got boring too.. and you’re right. I wish i could do a million tricks on any downrail but i can’t. After a solid day of zeaching i come home and log onto my moms computer and go straight to Yobeat to bitch about edits, then pornhub when she falls asleep. \\\\red handed////

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  7. Willie James Huff

    It’s hard for me to watch edits like this. Do you ever snowboard for fun or do you just huck unstylish bullshit on the same rail all day to see who’s snowboard dick is the biggest?

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  8. iridetroll

    its trollhaugen not buck hill and look at these guys there 10x better then you because 300 laps in a park a day will do that to you so shut and go ride.

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  9. more love, less hate

    im almost embraced to call myself a snowboarder. all people do is hate… its just snowboarding stop bitching and have fun. if your gana hate on every edit you watch stop watching them and go ride. btw that how people ride in mn, we dont have huge parks packed with unique features, we have tow ropes and a couple decent rails.

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