Real Snow: Take 2

By • Dec 13th, 2011 • Category: News

The coolest thing the X Games has done in years is back and this year, they even picked a solid rider list. Amazing. Watch the teaser and get super psyched! The first edit will drop Jan 10.

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12 thoughts on “Real Snow: Take 2

  1. matt

    i hope “cooper thomas” is being sarcastic, if not, you are retarded.
    This rider list looks fucking awesome, Jeds gonna take home that skrilla

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  2. Timwindells'ballsack

    Damn, Scott, Jed, Bode, Halldor

    Should have kept JP tho so him and Bode coulda battled it ouy

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  3. Le Grand Fromage

    nic and pat gonna throw down bigtime in the calling bode on gold nic on silver and jed on bronze

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  4. paco

    I think that you all are underestimating Pat Moore in the streets… if the setups anything like last year, its def going to favor Pat, Bode, Nic, Brisse.

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