It Ain’t Easy FULL MOVIE

By • Dec 25th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

If you want to watch every half decent snow and skate video that’s been posted to the Internet, the Catfish has you covered. Now he’s taken it to the next level and tracked down a classic flick for your enjoyment. Since this was post our east coast stint, we asked Chaz for the backstory.

It’s an old East Coast video from 2006, it was one of my favorites growing up and have found that almost everyone I know thats seen it agrees. But since it was a local video copies were few and far between so I hit up the guy who made it and asked him if he had any copies and if I could put it up online. He no longer films snowboarding and is now an architect I believe, so he was cool with it. So now it’s up and available for download for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks Chaz!

Featuring: Chris Grenier, Chris Carr, Big Mike, Ted Lavoie, Chris Beresford, Lucas Magoon, Joe Sexton, Scott Stevens, Jesse Burtner, Jonas Michilot, Jacques Beriau, Rodger Parmelly, Scott Kuchinski, Jake Olson-Elm, Graham Hoffman, Cameron Egan, Tim Humphreys, Danny Davis, Tanner Pendleton, Ian Thorley, Austen Granger, Chaz Guldemond, Scotty Lago and Bode Merrill

Directed by: Adam Molinski

Courtesy of the Catfish Chronicles

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23 thoughts on “It Ain’t Easy FULL MOVIE

  1. yobeatoff

    yup i still have my copy of this. you should track down their vid from the previous season, Fire Fight.

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  2. wit it

    a piece of snowboarding history! Its my first time seeing it, and I’m thoroughly impressed. Grenier, Stevens, and Granger fucking rule

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  3. koons

    catfish chronicles is always guaranteed to show me some good snowboarding new, old, unbiased to any style or region. The way it should always be.

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  4. ch!nk

    The video that really needs to be put online is Iron Curtain 3. A copy of that only lasts one day before it ends up getting stolen because everyone is so desperate to see it.

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