Guns and Keystone

By • Dec 30th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

Josh Bishop and Kyle Hay get after it at Keystone. If you don’t care about park riding, watch it cause they also shoot guns!

Edit: Colin Walters

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13 thoughts on “Guns and Keystone

  1. Gerg!

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  2. brewster

    hey gerg,

    ok ok, i laughed really hard at your joke, your really funny right….

    wait, what? your not funny at all? your really just a mccmorris cum guzzling cunt? oh yeah thats right

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  3. Scumb

    Oh yeah, John Jackson just got a new gun for Xmas and Kass is firing guns going skeet shootin.
    Lemmings, all of them.
    Its a big high school party and the cool kids are snowboarding!!

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