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Bode’s B Roll

Thank you to for hooking up even more Bode footage. Just incase you needed another reason we gave him rider of the year over the Red Bull Helicopter pilot.

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Comments (8)

  1. dang incredibly strange pictures but the riding was killer and a complete banger ending
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  2. ATTENTION! Video-detector!

    One side effect of watching this video is a butthurt.
    If you start feeling pain in your ass (especially on 00:41), you should immediately stop watching and face the fact that most likely you are the real JP (?)

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  3. Definitely rider of the year material.
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  4. bode merrill is everything that is great about snowboarding
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  5. lotta dick riders up in here
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  6. That last trick was absolutely insanity. I remember watching it like 7 times when the footy first dropped. I don’t know how it didnt make it on twsnow’s best 10 tricks….oh yea, because it’s tw.
    Rider of the year for sure.
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