Defenders of Awesome Tuesdays: Dan Brisse FULL PART

By • Jan 10th, 2012 • Category: Features, Latest, Videos

In addition to leaping buildings and what not, Dan Brisse’s also in ESPN’s Real Snow contest, which goes live today. Go check out his entry here, that is, after enjoying his full part from Defenders of Awesome, courtesy of CAPiTA Snowboarding. Get the whole damn movie on iTunes now!

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11 thoughts on “Defenders of Awesome Tuesdays: Dan Brisse FULL PART

  1. terdferg

    yeah yobeat…. tryna claim exclusiveness. we been seen dis shit. who posted this TRJP???

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  2. churr boy

    Phil Jacques.. only part you need to watch in this video. Yea get mad I didn’t mention scott stevens I’m sorry his 1 footers just are to much for me anymore.. and he finger flips down a 7set? Like scott cmon on dude you kill it its the capita movie not a think thank flic!

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