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Lipton’s Real Snow Breakdown

Remember when you started snowboarding? When it was a simple joy and any and all obstacles in your way were not only objects to master but also held the power to blow your mind? We do too, and that’s why we think it’s odd that ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, has decided what’s “real” in snowboarding. Sorry pipe jocks and slope bros, but you’re just energy drink guzzling sky dancers now. How do we know? Uh, the Real Snow contest, duh. Now in it’s second year, we’re still not sold on the concept, but damn, with a lack of snow, these dudes have really been putting in work. Here’s our thoughts.

Dan Brisse (watch it)

Can you believe it? Dan Brisse went all huge again. What’s rad about this is the old elite have once again been put to the test to save their careers, but, I really don’t care about most of these shots. What I do love though is the opener, and the wall slam revert thing.

Will he win? Maybe, the mainstream like seeing dudes go fucking huge, and didn’t he win last year?

Louif Paradis (Watch it)

I bet the motocross crowd and pipe-moms are going to glaze over the fact that Louif’s part is completely fucked. My favorite shot in this entire circus has to be the wall ride back lip. I mean, that’s just not safe.

Will he win? Probably not, unless actual snowboarders are voting.

Jed Anderson (watch it)

With a weird mix of death defying gaps and enough, “Fuck you.” ‘tude to make Mom worry, Jed’s doing just fine. The big question remains though, where are these guys finding snow?

Will he win? If the youth vote comes in he just might. Word is he’s crazy popular among the children.

Pat Moore (watch it)

Pat Moore is probably the world’s most underrated rider. Sure, he’s rich. Yeah, he’s fucking big time. But look at his never ending level of creativity, balls and skill. Who 270s 60 feet to a rail a story or two above them?

Will he win? I don’t know if he has the “crazy” factor Brisse gets simply by association, but he’s going to make any and all onlookers feel like wimps for sure.

Nick Sauve (watch it)

This is one of those, “Check how extreme we are, bro,” moments. Total bummer he got hurt, but, this is some big deal contest that defines the very definition of “real” snowboarding. Michael Jordan didn’t win championships by getting hurt, why is this vid even in the running?

Will he win? Um, no.

Halldor Helgasson (watch it)

This kid continues to crack me up. He’s a glutton for punishment, a total weirdo and obviously talented beyond belief. Oh, and the blunt on the double kinked curve rail is probably one of the harder things I’ve seen in my day.

Will he win? Well, the “mainstream” loves him and he did the double cork, but I doubt it.

Bode Merrill (watch it)

Let’s be honest here, Bode’s at his best when surrounded by powder and massive jumps. That’s not to say he’s not still ridiculous in the street, did you notice that one-footed thing? Most people can’t slide that ledge let alone blast half cocked into it.

Will he win? Dude doubled, one-footed and went “big”. He’ll be a contender for sure.

Scott Stevens (watch it)

Like Louif and Jed, Scott’s got the whole unique thing going for him. Will the mainstream get that what Scott’s doing is fucking one of a kind? Obviously not. Will they think the foot slide on ice is sweet? Duh. Will they care about the mini features? No, they will probably hate that.

Will he win? Eh, probably not, but that’s ok.

If you want to vote and help one of these dudes win 50k, you can do so here. If you just want to watch all the videos in one place, we posted them here.

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (60)

  1. chris Bradshaw would be a solid contender.

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  2. 52ND !!!!!

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  3. I’m voting for Jerry Sandusky. KPDC x BBC.

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  4. Lipton just gives it to them raw. You’ve got to respect that.

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  5. Just wait till the boss don drops some heavy shit y’all be tripping holla attcha boiiiiiii

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  6. So Louif is the only one with a capital “w” when it says (watch it). Is this some sort of weird way to predict the winner YoBeat?

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  7. halldor wins because they put a camera on a remote control airplane

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  8. Pat Moore always blows me away, some of the best grabs.
    Everyone threw down, gotta go with Halldor for the amazing filming.

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  9. Give it up for Louif. I also think he had a strong chance last year, plus he said thats all he was focusing on for this part of the season. He didn’t even give a fuck about Real Street. Way to set out and conquer. Canadians are just cleanin’ up this year!

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