Win: Louif’s Bonfire and Salomon Kit from Real Snow

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Big Lou made the finals of X Games Real Snow, so to celebrate, and also to entice you to vote him through to the big $50k win, Salomon and Bonfire are giving away his full kit. It might not make you ride like Louif, but at least it will help you look as cool as him.

To enter, just comment with why you think Lou should win the gold in this year’s Real Snow. After the Real Snow winners are announced on Saturday, Lou will pick his favorite comment and that person will a brand new version of the set up he wore while filming. BE SURE TO USE YOUR REAL EMAIL so we can contact you when you win, and don’t forget to VOTE LOUIF!

YOU GUYS! WE TOTALLY DID IT! The winner is… Jason Curran from Somerville MA. thanks for voting!

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294 thoughts on “Win: Louif’s Bonfire and Salomon Kit from Real Snow

  1. curtis

    because louif has style like no other. and i had sex with a fat black girl to the same song in the edit .

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  2. Alex

    Lou should win because he has impeccable style and attacks rails harder than anyone else in the game right now. He deserves the win and that would make my day, also, the salomon villain looks like a killer board and i’d love to have it under my feet.

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  3. Cornholio

    I ride the midwest and make the best of it. Hike all nights because the resorts aren’t open that late, wake up early on the one pow day we have al year to get the first turns

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  4. Nick Reid

    Lou should win for a couple reasons, first he has the BEST EQUIPMENT, Salomon, Bonfire, and Ashbury. Second because he has straight up swag. Third, wall ride back lip= sickest thing I have ever seen! You got skills, go for the gold in real snow!!! Good luck!

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  5. sp

    Louif devrait gagner car il a un des meilleur style et fait des manoeuvres créatives et différente a chaque année! il est une source d’inspiration pour tous les gens et nous rappel que nous faisons de la snowboard pour le plaisir!

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  6. Jeff

    Anyone who’s worked that hard and mastered their trade to that level deserves recognition. Lou’s got balls of god damn steel, I hope he wins.


    … I really want that gear.

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  7. SBH

    I hacked the vote for you and gave you an extra 1500-2000 votes.

    I showed you some love, show me some in return :)

    (for proof just look at the number of votes I have on this comment)

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  8. Megan W

    Halldor n’as même pas de poutine dans son système. Et la poutine, ça mérite de l’or.

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  9. Shaun Bon Jovi

    You know why else he should win….

    Gigi says so:

    Pat Moore says so:

    Bjorn Leines says so:

    Danny Kass says so:

    If anyone should know, they should.

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  10. James

    Well, truth be said, Louif & Halldor are both bad@sses, no doubt, but I think Halldor’s gotten a little distracted with the whole “business side” of things lately & unfortunately it’s starting to show through in his riding now, he used to be super steezy & made everything look so natural & flow that it was rediculous, but his edge is kind of gone now,
    LOUIF on the other hand, is there, he’s in that zone & everything’s become one for him, the style, the flow, the spontaneous trick selection, the just do it mind state that makes this kind of riding happen, unlike Nike’s slogan & Halldor’s new boot sponsor, anyway, just sayin’…,
    Later peeps, peace!

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  11. James

    Oh yeah, that’s 1/2cab nollie to bs wallride was pretty frickin’ sick to, for realz! : )

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  12. Daniel J

    Louif should win because he got mad steeze, which is beeyond! mixed with creativity, gnarlyness, and tech rail trix!

    Vote louif!

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  13. Ben

    Louif should win because of the laidback style of his video, just looked like a nice day of shredding. you don’t have the feeling that someone spams you with banger banger banger banger but thats what it is. Mad snowboarding . I realy fell in love with the first shot in this chinese setting. just an awesome beginning.
    Hope you pull trough. Love your rideing

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  14. Trevor Speranske

    Louif deserves it because he’s been raising the bar in snowboarding since the first Vg to now, wall ride back lip, Halldor should nut up Louif could do a double cork in the streets first tee.

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  15. brutto_insetto

    Actually I voted for Halldor. But who doesn’t like free gear?
    Both parts were good though, I wish everyone got a chance to ride as much as they do; aside competition, that’s all that matters right?

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  16. Who

    So monday came and went, don’t think we’ll all forget about it, announce a winner already!

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  17. nascar

    if i was louif i wouldn’t want to read a bunch of 16 year-old’s comments about how “steezy” he is, so i don’t blame him

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  18. caleb

    If you pick me I will send you a video of me doing the trick of your choice in your kit. You know some preassociation for my infancy. I swear. no joke. your call.

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  19. jake

    wow i like how everyone dislikes everyone else’s comment just to make their own look better, he won and he deserved it, people should just give their reason and let the best one win, you don’t have to spread your greediness but disliking others good comments

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  20. A-mac

    I know the contest is over and big Lou took it home, but i said Louif from the start. I watched all the edits and voted for him right away beacause he has the most original, inspiring, and cleanest style also with a good song. The fact that he is Canadian and from the east is a bonus, and i thought Bode was a close second, and that is the truth.

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  21. Amy

    I’m from Australia and I live in the U.S.A , I love Snowboarding I have only been Snowboarding one time but it was so awesome . It would make my dreams come true if I could win Louifs Snowboarding kit . I want to go Snowboarding more I just need the Louif’s snowboarding kit that’s all I need to make my dreams come true , because I don’t have my own Snowboarding kit ,my dream is to be snowboarding all the time !

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