SIA Day 3: The Collabs Continue

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Day Three… SIA is four days this year, but three was more than plenty, and this was the last pass for us. By late morning the PR people were stumbling over their words after running through line highlights for two solid days. Everyone had asked each other “how long are you in town” and “what’s the coolest thing you’ve seen” at least once, so we were all out of things to talk about. These trade shows are a step and repeat from one year to the next, just with different collaborations.

Collaborations… everyone has ‘em. Pendleton Wool has been popping up in collaborations all over lately from streetwear to snowboarding. Bonfire and Gnu both had cool Pendleton collabs. 686 had a “snowboard car” collab with Scion and Union (this was more of a show piece than a collab), as well as 20 total collabs including ones with Blind Skateboards and Dickies. Burton also had a heap of collabs, from Pink Floyd, to the Muppets, to and Pirelli. In short, not having a collab might be the punk rock thing to do in 2012. Then again, the Descendents are playing here tonight, so that’s probably a collab I missed…

686's snowboard car display , complete with fabric covered body, snowboard storage inside.Our last stop of our three day collaboration tour was the Burton booth. Within seconds of our arrival there was a strange odor which was soon traced to stink bomb. As much as we expected to be blamed, it really wasn't us —— we came in peace, or at least to see how Burton's collabs faired with the rest. Burton's head sanitary expert, Upstate Mike, tried several odor removal solutions including Windex, but he ultimately discovered that Diet Pepsi counters stink quite well. "Oh those pranksters at Rome," Mike said. Fittingly, the entire stink took place directly in front of the Muppets collab, and Cosby inspired jacket, but we swear, that one wasn't wasn't us.Check out the gallery below. You'll also find more collabs in day one and day two, if you missed them.

Upstate Mike found Diet Pepsi to be the best solution to a pesky stink bomb problem in the Burton booth. It really wasn’t us.

Thirty Two collaborated with DGK to fill the mandatory 2012 collab slot.

Jesse Grandoski and Trevor Graves, presumably discussing a collaboration.

K2 have been collaborating with a Pendleton for a few years, only they collaborate with the Don, not the wool.


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    you just gotta throw a weed leaf on your product to let people know you Cheef up da reefer bro.

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  2. squares

    good to see arbor making it in there, make a banging board. those burtons with the giant heelcups look fun.

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