Credo and Friends: Episode 4

By • Jan 31st, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

See, Zack Wilmot rides without getting filmed sometimes. He’s not even in this episode!

Credo: Ian Keay, Henry Padden, Dylan Hereford
Friends: Levi Gunzberg, Shaun Murphy, Casey Willax

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17 thoughts on “Credo and Friends: Episode 4

  1. ADK_pete

    Partners of the Elan Snowboard Factory currently include Capita, Arbor, Rome, Bataleon, Nitro, Elan, Lobster, Artec, Dinosaurs Will Die, and Academy amongst other smaller brands.

    slim pickings on supporting a 100% snowboard brand

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  2. shredface

    most snowboard brands don’t manufacture their own products. and elan and nidecker do a lot of the manufacturing.

    @C.O.P. out of curiosity, what brand do you ride?

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  3. squares

    People use the Elan factory for a factory, the whole reason it exists in the first place. They’ve got the space and the presses and quality workmanship. It’s still the company’s individual molds and shapes and boards. Looks like we’ll all be riding Burton if we want to support a snowboard company. fool.

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  4. matt

    nah nah, all you chumps are forgetting Signal, hand made shit. along with Gnu, Lib Tech, and Smokin

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  5. StLouisAlaskan

    dwd is sooo hip right now. you know elan makes them right? may as well buy a k2 or a salomon. support SNOWBOARD companies people. -C.O.P.

    ADK Pete and Shredface shut you down pretty well, noice guys.

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  6. StLouisAlaskan

    also Never Summer,Winterstick, Rev, Unity, Venture, Sentury, and of course SPRING BREAK BOARDS!!!! oh, and if you wouldn’t buy a board from Sean Genovese, then who the fuck WOULD you buy a board from? think about that, guy.

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  7. Gerg!

    I remember when you could walk into the Burton HQ and see into the factory where employees were cranking out boards. That was such an amazing experience. Sadface

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