Red Gerard is Better than You

By • Feb 1st, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

Sucks if you wanna be a pro snowboarder these days, as this is what you’re up against. Red Gerard is 11. Maybe 12 by now. Whatever, kid is good.

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30 thoughts on “Red Gerard is Better than You

  1. matt

    so dope.
    he smashed the fuck out of his back on that last shot though, and that jump is fucking huge. gad damn!

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  2. alexa

    yeah right, puberty or not red aint goin NOWHERE. kids got style for days and he doesn’t give a fuck.

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  3. Sour Cheezle

    big lizard swings the wing as when the old times he did the laundry on the skates instead of in the skates. you know?

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  4. yesmam

    you’re right its much more humiliating to be shown up by mary rand which happens regularly

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  5. zeke

    Its a same this video doesn’t show how good he really is. Watching him in real life is nuts the jumps look like 100 footers

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  6. Doug Fagel

    this reminds me of that geico commercial with the parents who taught their five year old how to dunk….. instead of “scholarship” that b**ch is sayin’ “Sponsorshippp” Little man is ridiculously good. He’s gonna be one of the super pro x games kids by 13

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  7. Raw dog

    Hopefully this kid doesnt enter the xgames and wear skin tight leopard print pants and keeps it steezy on the rails!

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