Mountain Creek Fast Laps Vol 3

By • Feb 3rd, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

What the hell is going on in New Jersey? More snow than I’ve seen all winter and a park that would put most West Coast hills to shame. What’s next? West Coast kids move to Jersey after high school?

ps. Now that you can admit how much you love Jersey, why not celebrate with a New Jersey Yo-Merica sticker?

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20 thoughts on “Mountain Creek Fast Laps Vol 3

  1. Ginnis

    Sick quick edit, last two shots are soooooo dope. That handrail is sooo long and that other handrail scares the fuck out of me with those dips in it.

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  2. matty

    i wish they’d smarten up and show a line through south and a line through bear so you could really see how proper the park looks

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  3. PeteLempke

    That’s some weak riding right there. That’s the best talent that place has? haaaaa

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  4. Andrew

    Creek has been my home mountain for the past 6 years, this year I go to school in Boston and all of a sudden they decide to step their game up… oh well, see ya at loon

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  5. YeahB

    matty, quit sittin on your ass waitin for “them” to film it for you. go film some lines fool.

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  6. shredface

    i dont know. I was there like 10 days ago and their park wouldnt put any one to shame. their plan is good, they just haven’t implemented much. and the maintenance sucks. hopefully itll be better when i go back

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  7. upstatemike.

    yeah, hire SPT so you can pay a crap ton for some nicely built but boring stock features and gay megajumps. nooo thanks. Tremain is the man. SPT…quite lurkin yobeat and get back to planning the olympic mega extreme games course.

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