Brighton Must be the Place: Part #2

By • Feb 17th, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

Will they win Nike Chosen and then win the Arnette Crew Clash too, hitting almost exclusively park rails? If anyone can do it, it’s Connor Brown and co. For now, enjoy a few days at Brighton featuring Alex Cato, Oliver Dixon, Andrew Aldridge, Jesse Gouveia, Blaze Kotsenburg, Dom Luza, Kevin Maples, Blake Geis, Chris Cloud, Cameron Gorby, and Jordan Morse.

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73 thoughts on “Brighton Must be the Place: Part #2

  1. Churr Boy

    um.. i wanna hate so bad but i cant. this is really really good.. so many good tricks. its alittle artsy he did a good job using the pink floyd..but connor brown is still alittle turd

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  2. basshole

    haha hi haters, lovin the comments so far. goddamn that edit was good, ender was fucked. songs been used?? yea, fuckin duh. its one of pink floyds best songs and its been around for 30-40 years, so yea its probably been used a million times in boarding, skating, skiing, surfing. who cares? great song, rad edit. good job doods

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  3. rootznameni

    all you kids are fags tf is wack as fuck and snowboardings gay as shit bunch of rich kids that couldnt skate and are trying to be somthing they all wish they were FUCK snowboarding!!!!!! mountains and snow and good views are sick thats it why do any of you think cardiel was like fuck this pussy shit i want to taste concrete! so jus a heads up guys hope you all keep snowboarding cuz thats were you guys all belong on the SLOPES ha.

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  4. Aaronc

    Haha… Hating on rich kids and camera angles what not is always going to happen. Its pretty obvious what kind of people choose too leave dumbass critiques in everyones edit. However, theres really no excuse for the jackass above me to be hating in snowboarding in general… The fuck are you doing here in the first place….

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  5. Asspiper

    Hey rootz whatever what are you doing on a snowboarding website then. I bet jed anderson or scott stevens is much better at skating than your retarted ass

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