Bet You Can’t: Sammy Spiteri

By • Mar 1st, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

Bet You Can’t switch 50 cab 3 that down rail. AND get this girls phone number.

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45 thoughts on “Bet You Can’t: Sammy Spiteri

  1. blah!

    the bhappy guys are sick, but really could you not sit on all the features at boreal like its your fucking living room….and this was fixed..they already knew that girl.

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  2. jerm

    @kvlt, please, i have more women throwing themselves at me because of my internet fame than i know what to do with.

    On another note i find it hilarious that Nial is trying to tell someone about game and picking up chicks….

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  3. person

    the only attention Jerm gets from girls is when theyre trying to get him to buy boxes of their cookies..

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  4. Dennis Rodman

    9072273903… I tried that shit and a black guy threatened to kill me.

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  5. ahaha

    lies! i just ried it andsome girl answered!…she gonna get sooo many random calls now

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  6. matt kusbel

    I matt kusbel, of jnepnation, started the new thing of putting peoples phone numbers on yobeat last week. so i guess you guys all want to be jnepnation.

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  7. ChrisBrown

    sounds gay but i want that hoodie in olive. The store doesnt have it. The fed’s giving me back a G for my returns and I want to send some yobeats way!

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    1. admin

      @chrisBrown a little bird told me there’s some new stuff coming soon to the store and if we can find more of that color sweatshirt, they may just become available…

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  8. Dave

    Of course Sammy has no game. No drinking, no smoking… whats the guy gonna do when he takes her out? Get a glass of Chianti for the lady and a Sherly Temple with extra cherry’s?

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  9. pat milbery

    heard this girl got tagged by three dudes in one night once, no lie i swear on my grave

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  10. Le Grand Fromage

    I heard that girl is a saint and sammi licked ron jermemys fingers for a dollar

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  11. pat milbery

    @Le Grand Fromage, fuck what you heard, I was there when it happened, I was hoping to be the fourth guy after she had done number 3 but I started talking about my feelings and she wasn’t into it.

    but seriously:

    @bhappy dudes – i’m not actually pat milbery. that girl’s initials are KB, 907 is an AK area code and i swear to god she’s a no good filthy slooter – but maybe you’re into that.

    just be sure to double wrap it on that one fellas

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  12. Toby Witte

    wasnt that edit supposed to have shane “the black mamba” wright making out with that girl at a party later that night? its ok. i love sammy

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