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Win a 2013 DC Ply From High Cascade!

Click HERE to enter a chance to win the 2013 DC Ply!

High Cascade teamed up with some of their amazing partners to hook up our 2012 campers! As soon as you are registered for summer camp 2012 — you are also entered to win one of the 2013 boards featured in our weekly random drawings. Boards will be shipped immediately so you can slide some 2012 snow on a 2013 board!

Week 3: K2 – Fastplant
Week 4: Lib Tech — Skate Banana
Week 5: Burton – Super Hero
Week 6: DC – Ply

The sooner you register – the better your chances of winning. Register by February 16th and be entered for all 6-weekly drawings!

-All it takes is a $500 deposit to secure your spot, with your balance due April 30th.
-Not sure which session to sign up for yet? We’ll let you switch sessions anytime, as long as space is available.

Winners will be drawn every Friday by 12 noon PST and the winner will be posted that afternoon on HCSC’s Facebook page and contacted directly via e-mail. Stay tuned via Facebook to see if you’ve won.


Week 1 Winner of the CAPiTA 2013 Ultrafear is Spencer Friedman! Congrats Spencer! See you at camp!

Week 2 Winner of the Solomon/Bonfire 2013 Solomonder is Reed J! Enjoy your new board, buddy!

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  1. dumb. we aint rich fool i cant go to fuckin camp
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  2. speak for yourself punk, i’m rich as fuck.
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  3. ALL YOU GOTTA DO TO WIN THIS 400$ snowboard is spend 4000$ on camp! SIMPLE
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  5. @Jnepnation No one likes you
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  6. snowboarding fo richass white boiz!!
    i love how nobody wants to hate on transworld now that u gotta comment with Facebook aha
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  7. ^ too true
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  8. Wow, what an great idea, why don’t I give you my bank details right now.. oh and take some of my spare organs while you’re at it.
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  9. lets make the last board open to people who aren’t attending camp, yeah?
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