Mt. Snow Presents Bet You Can’t: Zack Wilmot

By • Mar 10th, 2012 • Category: Features, Latest, Videos

Hey yo Zack, bet you can’t back tail to regular. Bet I can and if I do I get to shave your head.

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20 thoughts on “Mt. Snow Presents Bet You Can’t: Zack Wilmot

  1. jerm

    the hair cutting thing was dumb. of course hes going to do it eventually. hes not going to just be like aaahhhh damnit i cant do it looks like you get to keep your hair

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  2. Jerm is bad at snowboarding

    Jerm how many tries do you think it would take you to land that? go film some skiing faggot

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  3. ble

    foreal, there should be a set number of tries if not first try when theres a consequence like this. man the fuck up

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  4. jerm

    never said i could do it. just saying the idea of putting a consequence to it is stupid when its not like hes just going to give up and lose. obviously he was going to keep trying until he got it. and please try and come up with a more original insult. the “youre a gay skier” shit is so old, its pathetic. you should be ashamed to use that as a comment.

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  5. WTF

    I love it when shots are filmed down low on a black pipe with a completely black background and the rider is wearing all black, makes for some terrific shots…

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  6. wildcat

    zach can do anything bets are bets he shook couldve said an amount of tries probably still wouldve kept trying til he got it

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