Creature’s Court: Opossum vs Crow

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There’s an awful lot of voting going on ’round these parts lately, so we figured for this week People’s Creature’s Court, we better give you something you could care about more than a Republican Presidential primary. So which creature do you feel like really captured the essence of snowboarding better?

Ratatouille the Opossum

The Russian Crow

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

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39 thoughts on “Creature’s Court: Opossum vs Crow

  1. Herpderp

    The opossum is just a park rat. The crow is a much more core rider. He had street and back country in his edit as well. Way better than that park porn the opossum was feeding us.

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  2. crowboi

    the crow actually hikes his hits, where the dumb possum doesnt even know whats going on

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  3. kaD

    the crow seems having way more fun than the dressed up opossum doll.
    also the opossum has a burton sticker, and the crow a selfmade shred stick :) crow is core!

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  4. ryan the champion

    The opossum just stood there and still had sick style and its edit was way better, the closing shot was bad ass. The crow’s edit was one fucking continuous shot from a flip phone and it’s inner tubing (gay). Yobeat gets stoked on trash.

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  5. corbINC.

    this is tough.

    the opossum’s double neon sweater is some super gaper whack ass shit. but he in noboarding. only core dudes and people who can actually snowboard will ever set foot on a no board.

    the crow is riding some saucer sled garbage. lame. though he is doing it on his own accord, not being forced into it by some yuppie ski hill operators.


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    opossum was throwin down hard. mothafucker even had his own season pass. crows style was wack.

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  7. dude

    all you hatin ass motherfuckers iz jus jealous cuz these homies iz doin it big out here. i wanted to vote for both, they both will be contenders in next years contest line up.

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    well, since i always run my ass over opossums on the road, i guess ill give back to the opossum community and vote for that swag mother fucking opossum.

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  9. opossum

    man, fuck all yall who aint voting for my swag ass. you have no idea how much fucking fun i could have with a banshee bungee?

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  10. yobutt

    i do agree that the opossum has more style, however the crow is having waay more fun and doing it on his own accord

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  11. Drake

    Well at least if the Opposum falls he can just pretend like he’s dead and make it look way more bad ass.

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  12. Alex

    Is it possible that this was not the first time that crow has snowboarded but has had the knowledge handed down to him through generations of crows, making crows the original inventor of a snowboard? and it wasn’t until jake burton bit the head off a snowboarding crow pledging his soul to the devil and in return making millions off the sport.

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  13. Kareem Al-asmar

    Why the hell wasn’t the snowboarding Lemur in on this!? That Lemur is the only animal hitting the park.

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  14. stingy goose

    Crow! He went for the backcountry shots and hiked. The possum had a lift pass, just pure lazy

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  15. Opossum

    Vote this must be the place! They’re my friends and they let me use their really expensive camera

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