Lick the Cat Volume 6

By • Mar 17th, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

Clearly, Griffin Siebert is the star of this one, since his name is in all caps.

Riders: GRIFFIN SIEBERT, ben bilodeau, jordan tramp, blaze kotsenburg, sam taxwood, spencer schubert, blake paul, blake geis, hunter butler

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18 thoughts on “Lick the Cat Volume 6

  1. Jerms mom

    I’m 4 months pregnant with an unknown father. Just wondering how many shots I’m allowed to take without harming the baby?

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  2. bDr

    snowboarding is so fun, everyone else in the world that dosent get to experience snowboarding is so beat hahah

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  3. Bryden Bowley

    This edit is sick! but Ben Bilodeau is really not that strong everybody. just saying

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  4. mac

    So do these niggas just get to snowboard everyday? damn they’re doing it right. Jealous

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