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Whitefish, Montana — YoBeat Approved

646 miles north of Salt Lake City lays Whitefish Mountain Resort in Western Montana. Rippin’ snowboarders Travis Parker and Jesse Grandkoski grew up in these mountains so you know there must be something special, awesome and a little weird up here. We were all pretty skeptical of the conditions leading up to the trip as Whitefish had only been receiving a few inches of fresh snow here and there in the weeks prior. Nonetheless our crew of Zach Seibert, Tommi Ylianttila, Brooke Geery and myself headed north to see if Whitefish could reach “YoBeat Approved” status.

We met our first day with on and off clouds and icy conditions, a rough start. However, our badass guide and Whitefish loc-dog, Jason Forrest, introduced us to some of the longest, fastest corduroy I’ve ever been on. These were some serious double blues that went on for days overlooking Whitefish Lake and Flathead Lake, the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi.

After blasting side hits and rollers, the sun came out and we decided to leave the trails and hit the woods. The open pine trees of Whitefish are the bread n butter of this mountain. Completely caked in ice and snow, these trees are filled with pillows, cliff lines, and bottomless turns days after a storm. The type of terrain here is what I’ve always imagined British Columbia to be like. A chairlift and a ten-minute hike meant hot laps in the Whitefish white room. Our next four days were full of tranny finders, fresh pow, and a bunch of airtime. The bottom line is this: Montana is raw and holds some of the most fun and easily accessible natural terrain I’ve ever seen. The soul of snowboarding is alive and well in Whitefish and is officially YoBeat Approved!

Photos by Justin Parkhurst

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  1. …this was a good reminder not to buy a gopro
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  2. Man I haven’t heard/ seen shit from Tommi Yliantilla since Cold World
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  3. I’ve seen this Tech 9 edit before.
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  4. Big Mountain’s the shit
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  5. You forgot to mention that Whitefish is where the Robinson’s come from.
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  6. It will always be Big Mountain.
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