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Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: Breckognize vs Boot Pack

Despite the pleas to just show the Yawgoons/Lick the Cat battle already, we’re not budging. In fact, we’ve got two more battles before we get there. Remember when your grandmother told you patience is a virtue? Well that’s bullshit, but what doesn’t kill you may actually make you stronger and we’ve got two solid videos from the western states for you to bicker over right now. So watch em, and then vote wisely. The winning video will be up against Mystery District next round.


Riders: Nils Mindnich, Hans Mindnich, Keegan Axtell, Josh Boeser, Jade Phelan, Pauly Hvizda, Seth Hill
Filmer Editor: Graham Merwin
Location: Breckenridge

Boot Pack

Riders: Johnny Shefler, Chris Crane, Garrett McCarthy, Connor McCarthy
Location: The Wild West
More videos:

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Comments (59)

  1. ^ this is the dumbest comment conversation on Yobeat.

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  2. Claimers are lame. Bottom line. And even more so if your Claiming shit your barely a part of.

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  3. Just wanted to emphasize welp, a bunch of highschool girls fighting over who is going to be prom queen on yobeat?

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  4. at least i have fun riding with the homies everyday and not hating on people so go eat a dick.

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  5. Cheddar go suck it easy ya bit! you giving gremlinz a bad rep.

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  6. Ahh breckenridge… it really makes you want to goto keystone.

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  7. Fuck school, eat pizza.

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  8. both crews sick and use what they have. boot pack has fun slashes and tranny but gotta go with breckonize cuz josh boeser is the man. the kid slays and is too humble to destroy any of u dingles thru this comp. accept and move on. peace

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