View From Rock Bottom Teaser

By • Apr 17th, 2012 • Category: Features, Just Teasers, Videos

Apparently it did snow enough in the Midwest this year to hit some heavy shit. These guys were on it!

Featuring: Brandon Sakiewicz, Jessi Huege, Benny Kaufman, Scott Rutherford, Al binder, Paul Buck, Jose Magra, Mitch Kirby, Jake DeVries, Wade Coll, Kris Coll, Chris Bailoni, Cooper Slack, James Wilson, Kyle Kelley, Jake Moore, Mike Averitt, Sean Toyra and more.

Filmed and edited by Johnny Huege and Friends.

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42 thoughts on “View From Rock Bottom Teaser

  1. uppermichigan

    so sick. whatever about the song, shit gets repeated all the time, who cares. honest mistake.

    good to see a sick new group of dudes from around the midwest who know whats good.

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  2. Jon Overson

    we all know uppermichigan is you, mitch kirby. quit being a puss… but the video was really cool

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  3. hUh

    magic hair had a baby. ill watch just to see if that wall ride to rail is landed. respect for tryin though

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  4. fish

    I hope the make a short video. shots look awesome, but if this is gonna be more than 12minutes, I’m not gonna watch it because there will be 3 other full movies released the same day

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    Johnny mad love, these haters can suck it. Your a winch tech now. BRO FILMED MOVIE!

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