FootyFiend Racks!

By • Apr 18th, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

The season may be slowing down in the rest of the world, but FootyFiend shows no signs of stopping. Rack em up!

Riders: Adam Franks, Kai Ujejski, Brin Alexander, Brady Smith, Cody Wilson, and Sean Thompson.

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35 thoughts on “FootyFiend Racks!

  1. JOErogan

    I fucken love this song. If you hate it try muting and put on some Nickleback or Creed. Fagitz

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  2. connor

    5-0/nose press with 360 out is the new standard. expect to see a ton of them in the fall

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  3. bear don

    fuckem these kids are played… the style is to forced .. board for fun you thundercunts

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  4. bear don

    cody wilson’s so wack that yobeat deletes bad comments about him…. someones gotta tell him to learn new tricks

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  5. Eric

    Horrible song..already used in a mike rav hood edit..but the snowboarding was good when i turned the volume down

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  6. Mr mole

    Wow bear don maybe you should get off your computer and go try and ride like these guys. Their style is the future of snowboarding. So pathetic that you just sit behind your computer. I love footyfiend

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  7. babygail420fourU

    future of snowboarding? lol. more like rejected edits, ‘racks on racks on .. No.’

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  8. bear don

    if these nerd went to bear they would get chewd the fuck up. bears not down these dorks get some real ste

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  9. renfrew

    @bear don, Cody Wilson and Brady Smith were both at Bear last week for the Ashbury demo,, if you actually went to the hill you would of seen them fucking destroy it.

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  10. Keenan Filmer

    Bear dons on point. Stathis is a bitch, heard he’s gay with Cody Wilson

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