Brighton Must be the Place #3

By • Apr 23rd, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

The season-ender you’ve been dreading, yet waiting for, all at the same time!

Featuring: Jordan Morse, Alex Cato, Jesse Gouveia, Kevin Maples, Stefan Salisbury, Andrew Aldridge, Sean Whitaker, Chris Cloud, and Erik Nielsen.

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49 thoughts on “Brighton Must be the Place #3

  1. OH MY GOD

    what the fuck why are these videos down when i try to look at them. FUCK YOU YOBEAT I WANT MY FUCKING VIDEOS

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  2. snakeboarder

    Proper as fudge! Jordan morse got to stop spanking his board instead of grabbing it though..

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  3. C.B.

    Please like this comment and of course the video. Also dont forget to vote for us in next years nike chosen

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  4. eazydoesit

    mutha fuck goons, mutha fuck stoop, mutha fuck deathrow and heres comes my left bow.

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  5. louif

    i always get really excited when people back 270 on and hope they’re not going to go same way but, they always do. ugh

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  6. deez

    if he did boardslide-back flip-boardslide for the ender loonatics and this must be the place would have to drop the gloves

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